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28th February 2022
Reports of force majeure in Ukraine

24th February 2022
Announcement on the suspension of the airspace of Ukraine

23rd February 2022
The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine decided to impose a state of emergency in some regions of Ukraine

23rd February 2022
The airspace of Ukraine is open and available for planning and performing flights

13th February 2022
Sky over Ukraine remains open

Media about us
   Ukrainian sky: How is the airspace above the country divided and governed
  Have you ever been thinking about what unites all passengers, both with a low cost and a business class tickets? There are many different answers to this question, and one of them is - air traffic control. In Ukraine, this process is carried out by the air traffic controllers of the Ukrainian State Air Traffic Services Enterprise "UkSATSE".

They are a kind of travel guides in the world of aeronautical environment. together with "UkSATSE" is launching a series of publications on how an air navigation sector works.
  25th November 2019

   Payment for the sky. How much does it cost to fly over Ukraine - Andrii Yarmak, head of UkSATSE
  In recent weeks, the press has been actively discussing the topic of allegedly excessive fees for air navigation services in the airspace of Ukraine, which airlines pay for the services of UkSATSE.
  13th November 2019  UkSATSE

   We Expecting UIA's Debt Restructuring Proposals, Interview with Head of UkSATSE
  In mid-October, the Cabinet of Ministers approved the candidacy of the new head of Ukrainian State Air Traffic Services Enterprise (UkSATSE). Andrii Yarmak has previous experience as the head of the aviation transport department at the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine. After he had resigned from this position, he went into business for some time. Yarmak says he has long wanted to return to aviation and therefore quickly agreed to the proposal of the new Minister of Infrastructure.
  7th November 2019  Centre for Transport Strategies

   TV program «News» about the International Day of the Air Traffic Controller
  "24" TV channel, October 20, 2016 (source language)
  19th October 2016  

   Opening the new Lviv Air Traffic Control Centre (ATCC)
24 Kanal
Espreso TV
  13th September 2016  

   TV program «Facts»
  «ICTV» TV channel,
March 25, 2016 (source language)
  27th March 2016  

   TV program «Television news service»
  1+1 TV channel, Febuary 18, 2016 (source language)
  18th February 2016  

   Eurocontrol Director General: We plan to open Western Ukraine and Black Sea area to European air carriers
  The head of the European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation - EUROCONTROL - Frank Brenner has told in his interview with UNIAN when the world's airlines return to Ukraine, whether they reopen the Crimea airspace, and when Kyiv and Brussels are to sign the Open Sky Agreement.
  9th September 2015  UNIAN

   TV program «News»
  1st National TV channel, May 18, 2015 (source language)
  1st June 2015  

   TV program «Facts»
  «ICTV» TV channel, April 14, 2015 (source language)
  13th April 2015  

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