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5th December 2023
Government approves Financial Plan of UkSATSE for 2024

29th November 2023
European ATM Voluntary Solidarity Fund extended for 2024

3rd November 2023
Andrii Yarmak, Director of UkSATSE, signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with ROMATSA R.A.

15th September 2023
Andrii Yarmak, Head of UkSATSE, took part in a strategic meeting organized by Airports Council International - ACI Europe

13th September 2023
Andrii Yarmak, Director of UkSATSE, confirmed the intentions for cooperation with the FAA in the direction of maintaining and developing the knowledge of air traffic control personnel.

Professional Training
The system of training departments, created in UkSATSE in order to organize and carry out the professional training of aviation personnel, includes:
  • Training and Certification Centre (Boryspil)
  • ATC Units’ training centres (Boryspil, Lviv, Odessa, Dnipro and Kharkiv)
  • Aviation Training and Сertification Centre (Kyiv)

UkSATSE is certified Air Traffic Controllers Training Organisation. Certificate UA.ATCO.TO.0003 dated 28.12.2019 Document, issued by State Aviation Administration of Ukraine. (Attachment to ATCO TO Certificate – Document).

UkSATSE has an Education Establishment License issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine Series AE No. 527105 dated 01.09.2014 (360 Kb, ukr).

Training and Certification Centre

The professional training of UkSATSE aviation staff takes place according to the following training areas:
  • initial training
  • refresher training
  • conversion training
  • development training
  • language training
  • aviation security training

The professional training is organized and carried out according to ICAO and Eurocontrol standards pursuant to properly approved programs.

UkSATSE Training and Certification Centre (UkSATSE TCC) – is UkSATSE regional branch and an assignee of Refresher training centre, which is a part of the Joint Civil-Military ATM System of Ukraine according to the Ministry Decree No. 1281 dated 19.07.1999.

UkSATSE TCC realizes aviation personnel certification according to the rights, given by State aviation administration.

Simulator training

Practical training at TCC is provided with the best up-to-date simulator equipment, which imitates air traffic management process, namely:
  • Radar Skills PTT (Part-Task Trainer), developed by EUROCONTROL
  • preflight information service simulator complex ARO/AIS, developed by TCC specialists
  • two types of ATCO simulators were developed by the Canadian software company Adacel:
    • air traffic control tower (TWR) simulator with airdrome traffic display: TWR-4WP simulator for 4 ATCO working positions with 360° angle of viewing, TWR-1WP simulator for 1 working position with 180° angle of viewing; TWR-РТТ simulator for 1 ATCO working position for part-task training with 45° angle of viewing
    • Radar MaxSim Adacel ATC simulator for 10 ATC working positions
  • The hardware and software system “Airfield Surface Movement Control”, which is used as a simulator of airport control center (ACC), relating to ramp management, surveillance and flight information at the airport data automatic integration; and is used for reduction of voice coordination between ATM controller and ACC units
The Training and Certification Centre of UkSATSE keeps in touch with simulator equipment manufacturer and our staff is always ready to help with real-time simulator training.

Multimedia classrooms

Multimedia computer classrooms are widely used during training process. In such classrooms multimedia software with language laboratory Net Class Pro is installed, which is developed by the Ukrainian company SRS.

Besides, the training is carried out at the classrooms, equipped with modern video devices and projection multimedia complexes.

All the computer equipment of TCC is united into local network and has Internet connection.


At TCC, Cisco network academy provides training for CNS specialists according to CCNA R&S academic programs (routing and commuting) at the specially equipped laboratory with modern Cisco soft- and hardware, namely:
  • ASA 5510/5505 network screens
  • 3 Cisco 2801 routers
  • 6 Cisco 2811 routers
  • 5 Cisco 3560 switches
  • 4 Cisco 2960 switches
  • 2 Linksys WRT160N-E wireless routers
  • 6 ІР-telephones 7965

The official site of UkSATSE TCC is:

ATC Units’ training centres

ATC Units’ training centers (ATCU TC) – are UkSATSE ATC Units’ regional branches, established for the provision of ATC Units specialists’ professional training.

The main tasks:
  • organization and realization of ATM personnel professional theoretical and practical training using controller simulators and/or other simulation aids
  • organization and realization of aviation personnel certification on ATM theoretical knowledge and practical skills using controller simulators
  • organization and realization of Regional branches specialists’ language training, whose work requires the proper level of the English language competence
  • modelling of airspace, capacity and air traffic flows

Aviation Training and Certification Center

Separate Branch "Aviation Training and Certification Center" (ATCC), as a successor to the State Enterprise "Main Ukrainian Training Certification Center of Civil Aviation", was created in 2014 by integrating to Ukrainian State Air Traffic Services Enterprise by the order of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine of 30.09.2013 No. 739.

Main tasks of ATCC:
  • instructional, certification, training and production support of aviation activity entities residing and not residing in Ukraine
  • meeting the demands of consumers, enterprises, organizations and institutions for all types of professional training of civil aviation specialists, subjects of aviation activity and non-productive infrastructure organizations

With aim of arrangement and provision of professional training at ATCC the educational training and certification units were established for the following aviation personnel:
  • flight attendants
  • flight personnel
  • engineering personnel
  • ground maintenance personnel

The professional training of aviation personnel is carried out in the following areas:
  • initial training
  • refresher training
  • conversion training
  • advanced training
  • language training
  • other kinds of training necessary to receive the certificate and qualification marks
The professional training is organized and carried out according to the ICAO and EU standards pursuant to the properly approved programs.

DISTANCE training of aviation personnel

Aviation Training and Certification Centre of UkSATSE (ATCC) introduced the distance learning system of in the advanced (refresher) training courses for flight personnel in general disciplines (Aviation Meteorology, Air Navigation, Air Law, Human Factor, Rules of Radio Contact), and in special disciplines for types of aircraft: IL-76, An-2, An-12, An-24, An-26, An-32, An-140.

Login to the system: distance training

Distance courses for engineering personnel are in the process of staffing.

Simulator training

Practical training in the ATCC is carried out using simulator equipment, namely:
  • An-24 simulator;
  • Yak-40 simulator;
  • An-2 simulator.

Training of the crew members to operate in normal (standard), complex and emergency flight situations in real time at all stages of flight will be ensured by the detailed and deep modernization of the simulators based on modern hardware components, namely:
  • wide-angle display computer graphics of a cockpit external environment;
  • adequate reproduction of an Aircraft dynamics by minimizing the signal transmission time delay and simulating the actual loads on the aircraft manipulators;
  • entry of navigation and visual data of aerodromes, including mountainous (to select up to 22,000 aerodromes) and those having difficult conditions of approach;
  • visual and instrumental in-route flights;
  • choice of radio navigation flight conditions;
  • setting and adjustment of time, weather, geographical conditions of flight and season;
  • dispatch radio communication;
  • simulation of weather factors influence on aircraft dynamics, especially at difficult flight stages (wind, turbulence, wind shear, air temperature, icing, etc.).

Certificates and licenses of ATCC

ATCC of UkSATSE performs functions of postgraduate educational institution and is the holder of the following Certificates of the State Aviation Service of Ukraine:
  • Approval Certificate for Organization of Maintenance Training and Examination dated 11.01.2013 No. UA.147.0006 (397Kb)
  • The Certificate dated May 24, 2017, No. UA/ ТRТО-009/2017, valid till May 24, 2020 grants the right to train flight personnel in Ukraine and to operate an approved Type Rating Training Organisation (473 Kb)
  • Certificate dated 14.10.2014 No. GH008 for the right for professional training of the ground maintenance personnel (461 Kb) in accordance with the adopted training programs in the following areas:
    • ground administration and monitoring;
    • passenger servicing;
    • baggage handling in the sorting and baggage dispensing areas;
    • aircraft servicing;
    • ramp servicing.
Contact phone: (+38 044) 351 47 27

Fax: (+38 044) 249 02 96

The official site of ATCC is

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