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   14th June 2021
  Andrii Yarmak, Head of UkSATSE, on air travel problems, traffic pricing and the Minsk incident
  In an interview with BusinessCensor (BC) Andrii Yarmak, Head of UkSATSE, explained what responsibility air traffic controllers have, why air traffic is not recovering, how Ukraine is attracting transit traffic to its airspace and why the terminal charge differs from one airport to another.

The state enterprise (SE) UkSATSE, the national provider of air navigation services, operates the entire airspace of Ukraine.

In terms of airspace volume (which is 776 square kilometres), our country ranks as the 5th largest in Europe.

How does UkSATSE work in a pandemic crisis? What exactly are the air traffic controllers of the Enterprise responsible for? What lures air carriers to the Ukrainian sky? And is it true that the crew of the plane carrying the Belarusian blogger Roman Protasevich requested an emergency landing at the Ukrainian airport?

Andrii Yarmak, Acting Director of UkSATSE, explained this in an interview with BusinessCensor.
   11th June 2021
  Head of UkSATSE - participant of the 1st International Investment Forum
  Andrii Yarmak: "The southern airspace of Ukraine is strategically important for the development of the country's transit potential. Considering this, we are working hard to resume flights in the Simferopol flight information region, in particular to improve the air navigation infrastructure. This applies to the modernization of locators, voice communication system, and navigation equipment.
Right at the airport Kherson a new navigation equipment DVOR/DME will be installed, which will also operate on the route, and provide aircraft landing assistance at the airport.
   8th June 2021
  Flight statistics in May: recovery of air traffic in Ukrainian airspace stabilizing
  A total of 16,986 flights were performed in Ukrainian airspace in May 2021, which is 43.4% less compared to 2019. The absolute value of the number of flights provided with air navigation services is growing from month to month, while the dynamics of recovery is the same as in April.
Flights are increasing due to the beginning of summer navigation, the active tourist season, as well as the opening of borders of more and more countries.
The suspension of air service with the Republic of Belarus has not significantly affected the May indicators. However, it may lead to a slowdown in volume growth in coming months.
   28th May 2021
  Today the President of Ukraine hosted a meeting with the Slovak Prime Minister and expressed his gratitude to the Slovak government for ratifying the agreement, which will allow the Uzhhorod International Airport to resume full operation.
  The agreement between the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Government of the Slovak Republic on the determination of conditions for the use of a certain part of the Slovak Republic's airspace in connection with the provision of air traffic services to a designated Ukrainian air navigation service provider at the Uzhhorod International Airport will enter into force on June 5 this year.

This Agreement is the result of painstaking work carried out by Ukrainian and Slovak experts to restore the full operation of the Uzhhorod International Airport and to ensure sustainable air links between Transcarpathia and other regions of Ukraine and the world.

Thus, for the implementation of the Agreements provisions, a number of key tasks have been carried out, which Ukraine performed for the first time in its history. In particular, Ukrainian air navigation services provider (UkSATSE) has been certified for the first time under European Union (EU) standards and as a result was designated by the Slovak Party as a services provider in a certain part of the airspace of another country, Slovakia, as part of flights to/from Uzhhorod International Airport.
   28th May 2021
  The government tightens "air sanctions" against Belarusian airlines
  From 00:00 on May 29, 2021, a ban on the use of Ukrainian airspace by aircraft registered in the Republic of Belarus comes into force.
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