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28th February 2022
Reports of force majeure in Ukraine
On February 24, 2022, the Decree of the President of Ukraine № 64/2022 / 2022-02-24 "On the imposition of martial law in Ukraine" (hereinafter - the Decree) imposed martial law on the territory of Ukraine. In most regions of Ukraine, active military actions have begun and are currently underway.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine (hereinafter - CCI of Ukraine), given the extremely difficult situation faced by our country, decided to simplify the procedure for certifying the circumstances of force majeure.

As can be seen from the contracts, the parties are obliged to report force majeure and provide supporting documents for their occurrence in accordance with applicable law.
Taking into account the above mentioned statements, the Ukrainian State Air Traffic Services Enterprise announces the occurrence of force majeure and publishes the relevant document of the CCI of Ukraine.

24th February 2022
Announcement on the suspension of the airspace of Ukraine
In connection with the military invasion of the Russian Federation, in accordance with the requirements of the Air Code of Ukraine and the Regulation on the use of Ukrainian airspace, the authorities of JCMS and State Aviation Administration of Ukraine have taken measures to close the airspace of Ukraine for civilian airspace users.

The provision of air navigation services in the airspace of Ukraine has been suspended.

We will provide the information about changes in the use of Ukrainian airspace additionally.

23rd February 2022
The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine decided to impose a state of emergency in some regions of Ukraine
The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine decided to impose a state of emergency in some regions of Ukraine for a period of 30 days.

The state of emergency is imposed from 00:00 on February 24, 2022.

A state of emergency has been imposed in the whole territory of Ukraine, except for Donetsk and Luhansk regions, where the Joint Forces Operation is underway.

We would like to inform that during the state of emergency Ukrainian State Air Traffic Services Enterprise will continue its proper and sustainable operation.

At the same time, the airspace of Ukraine is available for planning and performing flights, no additional restrictions have been imposed on the aviation industry.

23rd February 2022
The airspace of Ukraine is open and available for planning and performing flights
Aviation authorities of Ukraine and UkSATSE maintain continuous operational communication with the military sector and international partners to ensure transparency in assessing potential risks.

Currently, the situation in the airspace of Ukraine is controlled and stable, flight safety is fully ensured.

The sovereign right to close the airspace belongs to the state and cannot be delegated to another organization.

We ask the media and members of the public not to take into account the fake information that circulates in social networks about the alleged restrictions on the use of Ukrainian airspace.

13th February 2022
Sky over Ukraine remains open

The airspace over the territory of Ukraine is open, with the exception of its parts that have been closed since 2014 over the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the East of the country. No decisions have been made to close the airspace. At the same time, Ukraine officially published aeronautical information about activation of potential danger area in the airspace over the Black Sea from 14.02 to 19.02.2022. Therefore, starting from tomorrow, airlines are advised not to fly over this area for a certain period of time, and to plan optimal routes in advance taking into account the current situation.

It should be noted that this recommendation does not block flights in the Black and Azov Seas area in general. The airspace over the territory of Ukraine is currently open and available for flight planning. Safety is provided at the proper level in accordance with international norms and standards!

1st February 2022
UkSATSE holds round table with users of airspace Class G of Ukraine
The meeting was attended by delegates from aviation unions and associations, airlines, flight training institutions, aerodromes and helipads, sports federations and flying clubs. Specialists of Air Navigation Services Department, UKRAEROCENTER and Regional Branches took part in the meeting on behalf of UkSATSE.

The event, which was supported by representatives of the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine and the National Bureau of Air Accidents Investigation of Ukraine, was organized for the first time in 10 years.

13th January 2022
Optimistic recovery momentum: air traffic in 2021 reaches almost 70% of pre-COVID 2019 volumes
The number of flights provided by UkSATSE with air navigation services in 2021 equals 230,513 flights, which is 62.3% more than in 2020 and 31.2% less than in the pre-crisis year 2019.

Within the airspace under Ukrainian responsibility in 2021, there were 29,637 domestic flights (40.4% more than in 2020 and only 3.7% less than in 2019), 116,932 international flights (+69.8% and -28.2% respectively) and 83,944 transit flights (+61.2% and -40.8% respectively).

Ukrainian airlines operated 81,747 flights last year (64.4% more than in 2020 and 25.5% less than in 2019), while foreign airlines performed 148,766 flights (+61.2% and -34.1% respectively).

20th December 2021
UkSATSE Medical Centre receives renewed accreditation certificate from Ministry of Health of Ukrainian
UkSATSE Medical Centre received an updated accreditation certificate from the Ministry of Health on 17 December.

State accreditation of a medical institution is an official recognition of the medical institution status, availability of conditions for the provision of an appropriate level of health care and confirmation of compliance with the established criteria for the professional activities of medical staff.
Medical institutions shall undergo accreditation procedures every three years.

10th December 2021
Air traffic in Ukrainian skies is gradually recovering - 87% of pre-crisis level in November
In November 2021, 19,942 flights were performed in Ukrainian airspace which UkSATSE provided with air navigation services, comprising 87.2% of the same period volume in 2019.

Ukrainian airlines performed 5,926 flights in November 2021 (down 22.8% compared to November pre-crisis 2019) and foreign airlines conducted 14,016 flights (down 7.7%).

Domestic flights amount to 2,611 flights (+15.4% compared to the corresponding period in 2019), international flights to 9,940 flights (-17.3%) and transit flights to 7,391 flights (-13.9%).

2nd December 2021
UkSATSE introduces Free Route Airspace (FRA) in the area of responsibility of Odesa Air Traffic Management Centre
Ukraine systematically implements measures to improve the organization of airspace under its responsibility, ensuring national security and national defence demands.
As of today, December 2, 2021, the European Route Improvement Plan for Ukraine introduces Free Route Airspace (FRA) in the area of responsibility of Odesa Air Traffic Management Centre (ATMC), including the airspace over the high seas within Simferopol Flight Information Region. A 24-hour regional FRA has also been introduced in Ukraine within the areas of responsibility of Lviv, Kyiv and Dnipro ATM centres.

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