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28th February 2022
Reports of force majeure in Ukraine

24th February 2022
Announcement on the suspension of the airspace of Ukraine

23rd February 2022
The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine decided to impose a state of emergency in some regions of Ukraine

23rd February 2022
The airspace of Ukraine is open and available for planning and performing flights

13th February 2022
Sky over Ukraine remains open

Lviv Regional Branch
General information

Area of responsibility of Lviv RB covers 133 901 sq. km and includes eight regions of Ukraine: Zakarpattia, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi, Khmelnitskyi, Ternopil, Rivno, Volyn and Lviv. ANS is provided to air traffic on the heights from the earth to 20 100 m.

Among the aerodromes where air traffic service (ATS) is provided by the ATS units of Lviv RB the special place occupies a mountain airfield Uzhgorod.

Two aerodromes – Khmelnitskyi and Ternopil have their own aerodrome flight information service (AFIS).

Within the area of responsibility of Lviv RB there are two sectors of ACC with flight information service – «North» and «South» – which provide flight information service for aircraft in uncontrolled air space (class G).

The peculiarity of Lviv Area Control Centre (ACC), if compared with other ACCs in Ukraine, is that it collaborates with the largest number of adjacent countries in the process of ATS provision.

The area of responsibility of Lviv ACC borders on areas of responsibility of ACCs of:
  • Minsk (Belarus)
  • Warsaw (Poland)
  • Bratislava (Slovakia)
  • Budapest (Hungary)
  • Bucharest (Romania)
  • Kishinev (Moldova)
  • Kyiv

Participation in the international projects

Meetings with representatives of adjacent ACCs take place regularly. The main subjects of these meetings are improvements to and automation of procedures of interaction.

By February 2013 the On-Line Data Interchange Standard (OLDI) protocol was introduced with all adjacent ACCs, except Kishinev ACC (Moldova). With introduction of the new ATS system in Kishinev such exchange of the flight data will be completely automated with all ACCs adjacent to Lviv ACC.

In February 2010 an inter-regional working meeting of representatives of ANS providers of the Latvian Republic, the Lithuanian Republic, Bilorus Republic, Polish Republic, the Russian Federation and Ukraine took place in Minsk.

In October 2010 an inter-regional working meeting of representatives of ANS providers of the Lithuanian Republic, Bilorus Republic, Polish Republic, Slovak Republic, Hungary and Ukraine took place in Lviv.

In October 2012 in Kishinev there was held an inter-regional working meeting of representatives of ANS providers of Moldova Republic, Romania and Ukraine on the issue of introduction of the automated data exchange under OLDI report with the ATC system at Kishinev ACC.

In November 2012 in Lviv there was held a working meeting of representatives of ANS providers of Hungary and Ukraine concerning improvement of interaction between ANS providers, introduction of modern communication facilities, organisation of telecommunication networks of data transmission, creation of overlapping of the navigation field using DVOR/DME beacons of adjacent ANS providers.

In January 2013 in Warsaw there was held a working meeting of representatives of ANS providers of Polish Republic and Ukraine concerning exchange of radar data processed by modern surveillance facilities (radar complexes SIR/S), installed in Lviv and Rzeszow (Poland).

Occupational training

On the basis of Lviv RB training centre the Ukrainian ATS experts and experts of ANS provider of Azerbaijan Republic «Azaeronavigatsia» have designed changes of Azerbaijanian airspace structure to be introduced after implementation of RVSM.

Lviv RB has its own Regional training centre for experts of Joint Civil-Military ATM System (JCMS) of Ukraine which is an educational division of UkSATSE and is engaged in the organisation of occupational training (retraining, maintenance/renewal and improvement of professional skill) of JCMS experts.

In 2012 Regional training centre organised planned training for 160 experts of UkSATSE and extra 34 experts were trained in addition to the confirmed plans, 1045 experts got language training, and 1221 experts - simulator training. In total - 2437 experts received training in 2012.

Modernisation and equipment

In 1998 the ATC system «Ksenia» manufactured by local Scientific-Production Enterprise Aerotechnica was put into operation in Lviv ATS centre. The ATC system «Ksenia» is intended for receiving, processing and displaying radar, direction finder, planned and other information for provision of ATC for air traffic in the area of responsibility of Lviv ACC.

Every year the equipment and software of the ATC System is upgraded in order to introduce the newest procedures and methods of ATS in the conditions of changes of structure of the air space, rules of flights, operational requirements and rapid development of modern means of automation.

In 2012 – 2013 the construction of the new building of Lviv ACC and installation [b]of the new ATC System «Roksolana», manufactured by Aerotechnica was going on.

Communication aids. Radio communication between air traffic controllers and aircraft crews is carried out trough aviation radio stations, receiving and transmitting stations of VHF frequencies.

In 2012 transmitting and receiving radio centres produced by Rohde&Schwarz company (Germany) were put into operation. These centres provide high quality aviation air telecommunication for ACC controllers. Transceiving radio centres with the Rohde&Schwarz equipment were installed at «Chernivtsy» airdrome and at radar position RLK-2 (Dubno town).

Navigation aids. For the purpose of provision of radio navigation to aircraft crews during en-rout flights, the air field zones and approach and landing areas were equipped with radio navigation ground stations with VOR (DVOR) and DME systems, Non-Directional Beacons (NDBs), Instrument Landing System (ILS), radio-beacon landing systems and Automatic Direction Finders (ADF).

Surveillance aids: en-route Secondary surveillance radars (SSR), airfield surveillance radars. These facilities provide surveillance of aircraft in areas of responsibility of ATS centres and reception of the information of aircraft location necessary for the control of air traffic. Surveillance facilities also make available the radar-tracking information to the ATC Systems.

All parameters of communication, navigation and surveillance systems conform to the international standards. Organisation of backup systems provides necessary level of reliability of work.

Implemented projects

ATS Systems

On May 20, 2009 units of Central Meteorological Air Navigation Service System (CMASS) using SADIS system were implemented in all regional branches of UkSATSE, including Lviv RB. CMASS allows delivering reliable and accurate meteorological information to ATCOs’ working positions in all area control centres of Ukraine in the real-time mode as well as in standard formats and data exchange protocols that are used worldwide.

In 2012 the briefing-office at «Lviv» airdrome was equipped with the МЕТ System which uses the CMASS. МЕТ System allows solving the task of operative receipt of authentic and exact meteorological information at the briefing-office of Lviv aerodrome, which is available for aircraft crews.

In 2012 a reconstruction of the ATC Tower at Lviv aerodrome was carried out.

In February 2012 there was put into operation the ATC simulator «Roksolana», manufactured by «Aerotechnica – MLT» (Ukraine), which allows accomplishing following tasks:
  • Training of practical skills of ATCOs;
  • Provision of conformity of users’ interfaces with the realised technologies of the ATC System which is planned for introduction in Lviv ATS centre.

In February, 2012 there was completed modernisation of the equipment for meteorological information for aircraft in flight (VOLMET), which:
  • enabled receiving and processing of up-to-date categories of meteorological reports at FIR airdromes and airdromes of area of interests;
  • improved the level of information support for users of air space concerning automatic announcement of the meteorological information at airdromes of area of interests;
  • replaced the equipment with run out resource.

In February 2012 there were performed works on modernisation of Flow Management Positions (FMP), which were connected with the Eurocontrol CFMU system (the equipment with run-out resource was replaced).

In May 2012 there was put into operation an Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS) at Lviv aerodrome. The new system of meteorological broadcasting provides reception in a real time mode and processing in an automatic mode of the meteorological conditions observance data in the vicinity of Lviv aerodrome. There also have been provided continuous cyclic broadcast of recorded meteorological and aeronautical information in the English and Russian languages in an automatic mode.


In March 2012 there was finished construction of the transmitting and receiving radio centres manufactured by the company Rohde&Schwarz (Germany). Currently the works on commissioning of the equipment of the centres are in progress.

In August 2012 there were put into operation following positions manufactured by the company Rohde&Schwarz:
  • Transmitting and receiving radio centres at Lviv aerodrome;
  • Transmitting and receiving centre at Chernivtsy aerodrome. The radio station is used in the interests of Lviv ACC;
  • Transmitting and receiving centre at the position of RLK - 2 (Dubno town). The radio station is used in the interests of Lviv ACC.

Realised projects increase reliability of aviation air telecommunication and quality of service of air traffic.


After putting into operation of the systems of approach and landing ILS SP-200 at Lviv aerodrome in May, 2012, there were developed routes of departure and arrival according to the procedures P-RNAV (corresponding amendments in AIP Ukraine were made), which are applied for simplification of navigation, increase of the air space capacity and reduction of loading on aircraft crews and ATCOs.


In May, 2012 in the vicinity of Lviv aerodrome there was put into operation a meteorological radar (Germatronic Weather Radar System) manufactured by Selex (Italy). The new meteorological radar provides reception of the actual meteorological information in the vicinity of the airdrome and on ATS routes and increase the level of information support of air space users. It facilitated the increase of the level of flights safety in the area of responsibility.

Plans for the development and modernisations

ATS Systems

The new building of the ATS centre in Lviv is under construction. Completion of works is planned for 2014.

It is also planned to carry out commissioning works and exploratory operation of the ATC System «Roksolana» manufactured by «Aerotechnica – MLT» (Ukraine) within 2013. The new ATC System will replace current system, which has run-out of its resource.


In 2012 the en-route radar complex ТRLK-1 (Khodoriv) was modernised by installation of a secondary monopulse radar with mode S that will allow to provide overlapping of radar-tracking field by means of a secondary radar-location, which support mode S.

The list of Air Traffic Service Units (ATSU) and AFIS Units

Following ATSUs and AFIS units are subordinated to Lviv RB:
  • Zakarpattia
  • Ivano-Frankivsk
  • Rivno
  • Chernivitsy
  • AFIS unit of Ternopil aerodrome

Contact details

P/o 3983, 217 Liubinska st., Lviv Regional Branch, Lviv, Ukraine, 79040

tel.:(+38 032) 297 21 12
fax:(+38 032) 297 21 11
Director of Regional Branch
Petro Malitskyi
tel.:(+38 032) 297 21 10
fax:(+38 032) 297 15 61
Deputy Director for Air Traffic Control
Vasyl Novakovskyi
tel.:(+38 032) 297 21 30
fax:(+38 0382) 97 21 11
Deputy Director for CNS
Vadym Kazakov
tel.:(+38 032) 297 21 40
fax:(+38 032) 297 05 13
Deputy Director for Airspace Use
Oleg Ivaniv
tel.:(+38 032) 297 21 70
fax:(+38 032) 297 21 79
Chief of Lviv Air Traffic Management Center
Viktor Didur
tel.:(+38 032) 297 21 20
Chief engineer
Andrii Rudakevych
tel.:(+38 032) 297 21 60
fax:(+38 032) 297 21 11
Chief, Zakarpattia ATSU
Volodymyr Tyschenko
tel./fax:(+38 0312) 64 20 40
Chief, Ivano-Frankivsk ATSU
Volodymyr Hanenko
tel./fax:(+38 0342) 23 13 30
Chief, Rivne ATSU
Ihor Kulchytskyi
tel./fax:(+38 0362) 62 04 76
Chief, Chernivtsi ATSU
Vitalii Artemenko
tel.:(+38 0372) 24 55 01
fax:(+38 0372) 58 58 10
AFIS unit of Ternopil aerodrome
tel.:(+380 352) 24 31 20
fax:(+380 352) 47 59 38

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