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21st July 2021
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7th July 2021
Air traffic recovery in June: the number of flights serviced by UkSATSE reached almost 60% of pre-crisis level

14th June 2021
Andrii Yarmak, Head of UkSATSE, on air travel problems, traffic pricing and the Minsk incident

11th June 2021
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8th June 2021
Flight statistics in May: recovery of air traffic in Ukrainian airspace stabilizing

7th July 2021
Air traffic recovery in June: the number of flights serviced by UkSATSE reached almost 60% of pre-crisis level
Air traffic in Ukraine is gradually returning to the pre-crisis volumes. In June 2021 there were 21,113 flights in the airspace of Ukraine, which were provided by UkSATSE with air navigation services, amounting to 59.6% of the June volume of flights in the pre-crisis year 2019.
The May indicators were lower: 56.6% of the flights during the same period in 2019.
Therefore we record though smooth, but positive dynamics of air traffic in the airspace of Ukraine.

The flights intensity increase is caused by the tourist season start, gradual opening of borders of foreign countries, restoration of a number of suspended international flights to Europe due to the pandemic and appearance of new air carriers on the aviation market of Ukraine.

Andrii Yarmak, Head of UkSATSE: Besides the resumption of flights to/from Ukrainian airports, the important stimulus for revival of transit in the Ukrainian sky was also the review of ANS unit rates over the Black Sea. From June 1 this year, new air navigation rates, at which the cost of 100 kilometers overflight is 25 euros instead of 51.1 euros, came into force. First of all, Ukrainian airlines have revised their flight plans in the southern and southeastern directions from Ukraine and resumed flights in the FIR Simferopol. We are actively working to attract foreign carriers to perform flights in this part of Ukraine's airspace.

In general, the previous month's flight dynamics compared to June of last year, until the middle of which the ban on international passenger flights lasted, shows an increase by 360.6%, but the real figure compared to June of pre-crisis 2019 makes -40.4%.

Ukrainian airlines in June 2021 performed 8,953 flights (20% less than in June 2019), foreign airlines carried out 12,160 flights (49.8% less).

Structure of flights by type: domestic flights - 2,965 flights (-2.6% less than in the corresponding period of 2019), international flights - 1,469 flights (-27%), transit flights - 6,679 flights (-60%).

Andrei YARMAK, Head of UkSATSE: A new impetus for the subsequent restoration of air traffic in the airspace under the responsibility of Ukraine is the revision of quarantine restrictions by governments of European countries on border crossing for Ukrainian citizens.
In the future, a new impulse should be signing an agreement with the EU countries on common airspace. This is an important precondition for further liberalization of the air transport market and removal of restrictions on flights between airports of Ukraine and EU countries for both national and European airlines. We expect appearance of more new foreign players on the Ukrainian market and an increase in the intensity of flights by the year-end. Thus, air passengers can count on the expansion of the route network, which will connect Ukraine with Europe, as well as within the country and give new opportunities for travel planning.

We would like to remind you the dynamics of flights in the airspace of Ukraine in 2021: May 16,986 flights, April 13,661 flights, March 12,160 flights, February 8,758 flights, January 9,842 flights.

Source:  UkSATSE

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