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   25th April 2023
  Today, European Organisation for Safety of Air Navigation transferred second tranche of European ATM Voluntary Solidarity Fund to Ukrainian State Air Traffic Services Enterprise
  In accordance with the Agreement between Ukraine and EUROCONTROL relating to the implementation of the Fund, the allocation of funds was based on the completion of the first phase of an in-depth assessment of the UkSATSE cost-base by individual cost elements and payments, and a positive report on the compliance of the cost items with the Fund purposes and procedures issued by the external auditors appointed by EUROCONTROL (Ernst & Young).

The transparency of the UkSATSE activities and use of the Fund resources is a crucial basic element of trust of the EUROCONTROL Member States which fill the Fund and support the Ukrainian air navigation sector.

The launch of the process of training and maintaining the qualifications/competence of the UkSATSE operational (air traffic control) personnel at the training centres of our foreign partners has become an important part of the second tranche.
   24th April 2023
  Andrii YARMAK, Head of UkSATSE, takes part in meeting at level of Ministries of Infrastructure and Transport Policy of Ukraine and France
  Within the Air Navigation Sector, Andrii YARMAK personally thanked Mr Cl?ment Beaune, Minister Delegate for Transport at the French Ministry of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion, and Mr Pierre Heilbronn, Special Envoy of the President of France for Ukraine’s Relief and Reconstruction, for the support provided by France at the state level and directly in the process of establishing the EUROCONTROL European ATM Voluntary Solidarity Fund aimed at supporting UkSATSE.

The participants had a separate discussion about the ongoing projects with the French companies THALES and ENAC, as well as the prospects for further development of cooperation in the post-war restoration of the Ukrainian air navigation system. They agreed to work on future expanding the training of air navigation personnel.
   20th April 2023
  UkSATSE systematically implementing Action Plan for Air Navigation Services Recovery in the Airspace of Ukraine
  The activities of this Action Plan include the infrastructure area, refresher training of specialists in the relevant fields, development of safety scenarios for the airspace opening and a number of other important steps to recover air navigation services.

Under the Action Plan, Ukrainian air traffic controllers, supported by France’s air navigation service provider and their EUROCONTROL colleagues, have the opportunity to attend a refresher training course at the French Civil Aviation University ENAC (Toulouse, France).
   11th April 2023
  Ukrainian airspace will be opened immediately after the end of hostilities and the victory of Ukraine
  Today, the Ukrainian information space was stirred by the news of the EUROCONTROL latest forecast that flights in Ukraine are likely to resume only at the end of 2029. We could not ignore such reports, so we are informing you in detail about the forecast preparation specifics and the prospects for opening the Ukrainian sky.

The latest published forecast is based on the current situation in the aviation industry and route configuration, namely closure of the Ukrainian airspace for civil flights due to military operations, significant restrictions on flights in the airspace of Moldova (also for security reasons), Russia and Belarus (sanction bans), a significant reduction in flights in Poland, the Baltic and Scandinavian countries, and a respective increase in the flying intensity in the southern and eastern parts of Europe (to overfly closed areas), etc. These factors are expected to be in place until the end of the planning horizon, i.e. until 2029, as there are no other confirmed input data for forecasting to date.

However, what is important to understand is that EUROCONTROL does not generate or use military forecasts/analytics/assumptions to create its forecasts. These calculations also do not include other uncertainties, such as unpredictable economic turbulence, escalation of geopolitical tensions, and other unpredictable events that may have a negative impact on aviation development.
   28th February 2022
  Reports of force majeure in Ukraine
  On February 24, 2022, the Decree of the President of Ukraine № 64/2022 / 2022-02-24 "On the imposition of martial law in Ukraine" (hereinafter - the Decree) imposed martial law on the territory of Ukraine. In most regions of Ukraine, active military actions have begun and are currently underway.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine (hereinafter - CCI of Ukraine), given the extremely difficult situation faced by our country, decided to simplify the procedure for certifying the circumstances of force majeure.

As can be seen from the contracts, the parties are obliged to report force majeure and provide supporting documents for their occurrence in accordance with applicable law.
Taking into account the above mentioned statements, the Ukrainian State Air Traffic Services Enterprise announces the occurrence of force majeure and publishes the relevant document of the CCI of Ukraine.
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