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14th June 2021
Andrii Yarmak, Head of UkSATSE, on air travel problems, traffic pricing and the Minsk incident

11th June 2021
Head of UkSATSE - participant of the 1st International Investment Forum

8th June 2021
Flight statistics in May: recovery of air traffic in Ukrainian airspace stabilizing

28th May 2021
Today the President of Ukraine hosted a meeting with the Slovak Prime Minister and expressed his gratitude to the Slovak government for ratifying the agreement, which will allow the Uzhhorod International Airport to resume full operation.

28th May 2021
The government tightens "air sanctions" against Belarusian airlines

7th April 2021
The new wave of a pandemic is correcting the optimistic scenario of air traffic resumption
In March 2021, UkSATSE provided air navigation services to 12,160 flights, which were performed in the Ukrainian airspace under the responsibility of Ukraine. It is by 8.7% less than over the same period last year and by 43% less when compared with the before-crisis period of March 2019.

Ukrainian airlines operated 4,603 flights (this is 5.8% more than in March 2020) and foreign airlines made 7,557 flights (15.8% below March 2020 figures).

In the total amount of March flights, there was operated 1,856 domestic flights (29.6% more than in March 2020), 5,980 international flights (-10.1%) and 4,324 transit flights (-17,3%).

Andrii Yarmak, head of UkSATSE says: We expect the seasonal increase in flight number in the airspace under the responsibility of Ukraine during the summer navigation when the tourist season starts in full. Regarding the traffic resumption to Europe, it is very difficult to make accurate forecasts on liberalization of borders crossing rules as severe restriction measures have been applied due to the third wave of coronavirus disease. The preliminary dates on the simplification of borders crossing rules as from the beginning of June might be postponed for an unknown period.

It should be recalled, that since March 2020 the quarantine and associated restrictions, caused by the coronavirus pandemic spreads in Ukraine and the whole world have been introduced in Ukraine. Thats become the reason for a dramatic decline in air traffic.

In general, 2020 has become the worst year for the worlds civil aviation in modern history due to the people's mobility limitations, being set out around the world with borders closures or domestic movements bans. These measures have had an unprecedented impact on the entire aviation sector, including the providers of air navigation services, airports, airlines and aviation industry companies.

Source:  UkSATSE

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