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   11th May 2021
  The dynamics of air traffic in April allows expecting the growth of air traffic in the coming high season
  In April 2021, UkSATSE provided air navigation services to 13,661 flights, performed in the airspace of Ukraine. Compared to the period of the worlds pandemic spread out in April 2020, when quarantine restrictions were implemented in Ukraine and civil aviation flights were terminated, this Aprils volume of flights shows an unprecedented increase of 476.4 %. But the real current dynamics could only be seen when compared with the corresponding period of pre-crisis 2019 year and it is by 43.4 % lower.

It shows that Ukrainian airlines performed 5,062 flights in April this year (40.8 % less than in the pre-crisis April of 2019) and international airlines performed 8,599 flights (44.9 % less).

The breakdown of air traffic by the flight types looks as follows: domestic flights 1,945 (24.6 % less than in April 2019), international flights 6,875 (-46.1 %) and transit flights 4,841 (-45 %).
   27th April 2021
  The Supreme Court of Ukraine upholds UkSATSE and the absence of a
  Today the Supreme Court of Ukraine has finally put an end to UIA's attempt to recover UAH 876 million from UkSATSE for alleged overpayments for services rendered in 2016-2018. The airline's cassation appeal has been dismissed.
   17th April 2021
  UkSATSE monitors the situation in the country's airspace: there is currently no danger for civil aviation
  There is the threatening and destabilizing activity of large-scale Russian troop movements along Ukraine's borders without prior notice.
As part of a direct dialogue with US aviation authority, the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine has proposed to establish the immediate interaction between the relevant aviation security units to exchange information and coordinate the response to threats from the conflict zone in the eastern part of the country. The Ukrainian side is also ready to provide full information on the condition of air navigation services and aviation safety in Ukraine for the sake of coordinated actions in the future.
Ukraine has a special early warning procedure for civil aviation to respond immediately on detected and potential threats arising in the conflict zone.
UkSATSE monitors the situation in the country's airspace: it is calm and under control. There is now no danger for civil aviation.
   7th April 2021
  The new wave of a pandemic is correcting the optimistic scenario of air traffic resumption
  In March 2021, UkSATSE provided air navigation services to 12,160 flights, which were performed in the Ukrainian airspace under the responsibility of Ukraine. It is by 8.7% less than over the same period last year and by 43% less when compared with the before-crisis period of March 2019.

Ukrainian airlines operated 4,603 flights (this is 5.8% more than in March 2020) and foreign airlines made 7,557 flights (15.8% below March 2020 figures).

In the total amount of March flights, there was operated 1,856 domestic flights (29.6% more than in March 2020), 5,980 international flights (-10.1%) and 4,324 transit flights (-17,3%).
   23rd March 2021
  Today is World Meteorological Day
  Today is World Meteorological Day, another professional holiday for our enterprise, because en-route meteorological service is one of the components of air navigation service. This is very important for safety, since weather phenomena have a significant impact on take-offs and landings, at different altitudes on the route. The crew must be prepared for every weather condition - deteriorating visibility, low cloud cover, wind gusts, turbulence, thunderstorms, and icing.
UkSATSE is a certified provider of en-route meteorological services. A centralised meteorological support system for air navigation has been in operation at the enterprise since 2009. Our meteorologists work around the clock in the meteorological tracking bodies that operate in every air traffic control centre in Ukraine. And even in the period of the COVID-19 crisis they have no less work, because the accuracy and regularity of weather information must be the same whether for one flight or for hundreds of flights.
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