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14th June 2024
Head of UkSATSE, takes part in the 61st Session of the EUROCONTROL Provisional Council (PC) and Permanent Commission (SN)

5th December 2023
Government approves Financial Plan of UkSATSE for 2024

29th November 2023
European ATM Voluntary Solidarity Fund extended for 2024

3rd November 2023
Andrii Yarmak, Director of UkSATSE, signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with ROMATSA R.A.

15th September 2023
Andrii Yarmak, Head of UkSATSE, took part in a strategic meeting organized by Airports Council International - ACI Europe

29th November 2023
European ATM Voluntary Solidarity Fund extended for 2024
Today, the EUROCONTROL Permanent Commission has taken a historic decision to extend the European ATM Voluntary Solidarity Fund for 2024 to support Ukraine and Moldova. Like this year, the Fund will allow ensuring the operational activities of UkSATSE and creating the prerequisites for the resumption of services in the Ukrainian airspace after the end of hostilities.

Andrii Yarmak, Director of UkSATSE: “On behalf of UkSATSE and Ukraine, we are honoured to express our sincere gratitude to all EUROCONTROL Member States and the Agency for their unprecedented support and solidarity!”

For almost 2 years now, Ukraine in general and its aviation sector in particular have been going through the most challenging period in their history. While the heroic Armed Forces of Ukraine are fighting to de-occupy the Ukrainian land, the aviation authorities of Ukraine and UkSATSE are working hard to find ways for the rapid post-war recovery of air navigation services in the Ukrainian airspace, which is a crucial condition for the resumption of civil aviation operations.

Andrii Yarmak, Director of UkSATSE: “The European ATM Voluntary Solidarity Fund enables us to keep our Enterprise and its infrastructure alive, to retain our staff and to maintain their professional skills. Our initiatives are widely supported at the international level by EUROCONTROL, international aviation organisations, air navigation service providers, governments, aviation authorities, international reconstruction and development organisations, and equipment manufacturers”.

So today, Ukrainian aviation has received a strong signal of confirmation that we are not alone in our challenging struggle. That is why we look forward to the future with confidence and sincerely hope to welcome our long-awaited guests to our peaceful and safe sky after our victory.

It is worth reminding that since the suspension of civil aviation operations in the Ukrainian airspace caused by russia’s military aggression, the Ukrainian aviation authorities and UkSATSE, in close cooperation with EUROCONTROL, have started modelling scenarios for the industry recovery.

This cooperation resulted in the development and signing of a detailed action plan between UkSATSE and EUROCONTROL for air navigation services recovery in the airspace of Ukraine.

The measures envisaged in this Plan relate to infrastructure, training and certification of specialists in the relevant areas, modelling and developing safety scenarios for the airspace reopening, and a number of other important steps for the effective recovery of the industry.
Source:  UkSATSE

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