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5th December 2023
Government approves Financial Plan of UkSATSE for 2024

29th November 2023
European ATM Voluntary Solidarity Fund extended for 2024

3rd November 2023
Andrii Yarmak, Director of UkSATSE, signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with ROMATSA R.A.

15th September 2023
Andrii Yarmak, Head of UkSATSE, took part in a strategic meeting organized by Airports Council International - ACI Europe

13th September 2023
Andrii Yarmak, Director of UkSATSE, confirmed the intentions for cooperation with the FAA in the direction of maintaining and developing the knowledge of air traffic control personnel.

Telecommunication Services
Being the operator of the telecommunication services in Ukraine, the Ukrainian State Air Traffic Service Enterprise is listed under the number 1206 into the State Register of the Operators and Telecommunication Providers according to the Decision of the National Commission for the State Regulation of Communications and Informatization (No 1259 of 11 December 2008).

UkSATSE’s structural division, called Ukraerozviazok, deals with maintaining the license for the assigned activity in the due state, getting permits for the numbering resource and covers all technical issues of the provision of telecommunication services, producing the quality reports hereof.

The UkSATSE’s numbering recourse volumes up to 4000 numbers. UkSATSE is authorized to provide the local telephone services on the territory of the city of Kyiv and the Boryspil International Airport. Besides, UkSATSE is empowered to allocate the electrical communication channels for the target usage, provide their technical maintenance and the Internet network services.

The technical base represented by the
Merydian-1 digital automated telephone stations corporate network, the own fiber optic communication lines to allow the access to the UKRTELECOM primary network and other telecommunication operators (providers), the modern transmission systems of the synchronous digital hierarchy of STM-1 level, multiplexors, and other communication equipment. The cabling works of fiber optic communication lines are still in progress to unite the structural divisions of UkSATSE, such as Ukraerozviazok Unit, Ukraerocenter Unit, the Center for Aviation Training and Certification and the Kyiv’s Service for Air Traffic Service.

During the period of 2013-2014, the core automated telephone stations of Merydian-1 network, installed at the premises of Ukraerozviazok Unit, were ungraded up to the level CS1000MG to support IP-telephony technology. The telecommunication equipment is supervised in the proper condition by the group of the highly qualified professionals, who regularly receives adequate training at the UkSATSE’s Training and Certification Center.

The integral part of UkSATSE’s activity as the national provider of the air navigation services is the provision of the aeronautical fixed communication services. The Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network (AFTN) of Ukraine provides the exchange of ATS messages in Ukraine between the air traffic service units, airports, operators and other aviation market agents. The AFTN services are provided by the UkSATSE’s structural division Ukraerozviazok as well as by several units of the UkSATSE’s regional structural branches and ATS services.

UkSATSE endeavors to meet the unified technical level, compared to the level of the air navigation service providers’ of the neighboring European states which have already implemented the Aeronautical Message Handling System (AMHS) to replace the obsolete AFTN system. For that reason, based at the UkSATSE’s structural division Ukraerozviazok, the Aeronautical Fixed Communication and Telecommunication Center (COM Center) was created where the acquired by UkSATSE appropriate AMHS equipment was installed. Put into operation in December 2018, that equipment is to become operationally used over the period of February-March of this year. This will allow providing services with high-security level and making the wide spectrum of the aeronautical fixed services accessible in Ukraine while the AFTN network users will be maintained until this obsolete technology is automatically ceased to be used.

Certificate, license and permit

  • License No. AB 466216 “For the provision of fixed local telephone communication services with the network capacity of up to 10,000 numbers” dd. 9.09.2014 (395 kb)
  • Air Navigation Service Certificate dd. 22.12.2017 (194 Kb)

Model Contract

Model Telecommunication Services Contract ( 304 Kb, ukr)

Contact information

All necessary information on the list of the telecommunication services along with prices and the procedure on how to enter into the Telecommunication Services Contract may be obtained from Ukraerozviazok Unit:

Address: 14 Peremogy av., suite 1413, Kyiv

Tel.: +380 44 351-56-31

Technical information on telephone communication, channels and the Internet is available at tel.: +380 44 351 59 69.

To be advised on the AFTN/AMHS matters you may call +380 44 351 53 40.

Telecommunication services quality reports

2011 ( 250 Kb, ukr)

2012 ( 290 Kb, ukr)

2013 ( 266 Kb, ukr)

2014 ( 302 Kb, ukr)

2015 ( 81 Kb, ukr)

2016 ( 87 Kb, ukr)

2017 ( 525 Kb, ukr)

2018 ( 586 Kb, ukr)

2019 ( 60 Kb, ukr)

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