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10th September 2021
UkSATSE starts to provide air navigation services in part of Slovak airspace

7th September 2021
Air traffic recovering: number of flights over Ukraine in August reaches 76% of pre-crisis level

3rd September 2021
Opening the sky: new opportunities and perspectives for Ukraine

2nd September 2021
Renewed EASA certificate – final step for UkSATSE to restore instrument flight at Uzhhorod airdrome

1st September 2021
Safety begins from professional training

7th September 2021
Air traffic recovering: number of flights over Ukraine in August reaches 76% of pre-crisis level
Gradual recovery of air traffic in Ukrainian airspace continues. In August, UkSATSE provided air navigation services to 29,048 flights, which is 76% of the pre-crisis August 2019 volume.

Positive factors contributing to the increase of flights in the Ukrainian sky include expanding vaccination facilities to Ukraine and the world, opening of borders of foreign countries, restoration of passengers’ confidence in travelling and traditional growth of demand for flights during the tourist season.

Head of UkSATSE Andrii YARMAK: “The growth of air traffic in the area of responsibility of Ukraine is slightly higher than in Europe. The volume of August air traffic in the European region, as evidenced by EUROCONTROL experts, reached 71% compared to the corresponding period of the pre-crisis year 2019. Ukraine has a greater potential for recovery from coronacrisis, as its impact on the aviation industry in our country, and in particular on the national air navigation services provider, has been very severe. Currently, the recovery of air traffic in Ukraine, as well as across Europe, is rather rapid, as the pace has exceeded even the optimistic forecast made by EUROCONTROL in late May. We have reasons to hope for the best and continue working to increase air traffic volume”.

In August 2021, Ukrainian airlines performed 10,505 flights (down 10.2% compared to the pre-crisis August 2019) while foreign airlines performed 18,543 flights (down 30.1%).

The breakdown of flights by type is as follows: domestic flights - 3,516 (up 17.7% compared to the same period of 2019), international flights - 1,495 (down 12.3%), transit flights - 1,937 (down 41.2%).

Andrii YARMAK: [I]“It is important to note the upward trend of flying intensity in the international airspace under the responsibility of Ukraine, namely in the western part of Simferopol flight information region, the so-called green zone. In August there were 80% more flights on these routes with special procedures for flight planning compared to July this year, and three times more compared to May counts. This is facilitated by the new unit rate of air navigation charges established by the Ministry of Infrastructure on 1 June 2021, as well as proactive work with domestic and international airlines. Airlines are increasingly choosing green zones under the control of Ukrainian air traffic controllers over the High Seas, as they take into account both safety and economic and environmental benefits of using these routes”./I]

Let us remind you the dynamics of flights in Ukrainian airspace in 2021: July – 26,952 flights, June – 21,113 flights, May – 16,986 flights, April – 13,661 flights, March – 12,160 flights, February – 8,758 flights and January – 9,842 flights.
Source:  UkSATSE

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