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10th September 2021
UkSATSE starts to provide air navigation services in part of Slovak airspace

7th September 2021
Air traffic recovering: number of flights over Ukraine in August reaches 76% of pre-crisis level

3rd September 2021
Opening the sky: new opportunities and perspectives for Ukraine

2nd September 2021
Renewed EASA certificate – final step for UkSATSE to restore instrument flight at Uzhhorod airdrome

1st September 2021
Safety begins from professional training

3rd September 2021
Opening the sky: new opportunities and perspectives for Ukraine
The publication of Andrii Yarmak, Head of UkSATSE, in the new issue of Mintrans magazine.

Andrii Yarmak: "The Common Aviation Space means the mutual unification of laws and technical regulations and, as a result, the liberalization of the air transportation market, lifting restrictions on flights between airports in Ukraine and the European Union - both for national and European air carriers. This will give a fresh impetus to the European standards transition of passenger rights, environmental protection and safety.

It should be noted that no change is foreseen in air traffic management, as Ukraine has been a member of EUROCONTROL since 2004, and the Ukrainian air navigation system is part of the European-wide system. The national air navigation services provider, UkSATSE, follows European rules and regulations in all areas of its core activities. In particular, this is proven by a certificate from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) confirming compliance of the provider's operations and services with EU standards.


The agreement will create conditions for more airlines destinations on the market, expand the choice of air carriers and opportunities for passengers to plan travel to European cities.

Increasing competition among airlines will create preconditions for lower prices on flights. The European level of air carriers' discipline and increased responsibility will provide an important advantage for Ukrainian air passengers: the level of protection of their rights in non-standard situations related to flight delays or cancellations will increase.


Until now, route allocation has been based on bilateral agreements between Ukraine and each of the EU countries, with clear limitations on the number of carriers and routes. Common airspace removes these restrictions and opens up new horizons for air carriers’ commercial activities.

Lifting restrictions on the number of air carriers and flights between Ukrainian and EU airports will create opportunities to operate routes to more European cities only under agreements with the respective airports, guided purely by considerations of demand, and thus the cost-effectiveness of opening new destinations.

In addition, the need to implement European standards and regulations in the field of air transportation to expand its presence in the European market will be an additional motivation for Ukrainian air carriers to develop, upgrade and improve their service quality and gain more customers' loyalty. But competition among carriers will be fierce, and not everyone may be ready for the new conditions".
Source:  Mintrans magazine

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