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28th February 2022
Reports of force majeure in Ukraine

24th February 2022
Announcement on the suspension of the airspace of Ukraine

23rd February 2022
The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine decided to impose a state of emergency in some regions of Ukraine

23rd February 2022
The airspace of Ukraine is open and available for planning and performing flights

13th February 2022
Sky over Ukraine remains open

Key safety performance
Safety Performance and Safety Management System characteristics achieved in 2020

In order to monitor the effectiveness of the integrated management system and service provision, UkSATSE uses a system of measurable indicators. All these indicators are based on the analysis in each domain of the integrated management system and are permanently reviewed. During 2020, UkSATSE achieved the following safety performance indicators:

Actual safety level in ATM system

Actual safety level is an indicator reflecting the ratio between the actual number of safety-related occurrences with direct ATM contribution classified by severity classes, per one flight, and the number of serviced flights during the period under assessment.

According to the results of maturity assessment of the UkSATSE Safety Management System (SMS) performed in 2020 within the joint project "EUROCONTROL / CANSO Standard of Excellence in Safety Management Systems Measurement", it was confirmed that the UkSATSE SMS meets the requirements of Annex 19 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation. With its SMS maturity level UkSATSE entered the group of leading providers in the European region with the maximum level of SMS maturity (Group C, 70–79%). The group of CANSO international experts confirmed that one of the components of the SMS is supported by the practice developed and implemented by UkSATSE. This practice is the best and exceeds certain international standards in the field of safety (level E).

UkSATSE ability to provide efficient, reliable, safe and high-quality ANS is confirmed by certificates of the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) issued to UkSATSE in December 2020.

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