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17th December 2018
EASA certified Ukraine

30th November 2018
UkSATSE and EUROCONTROL have signed an agreement on emergency coordination and action procedures

16th November 2018
EASA completed certification activities in compliance with EU requirements in the framework of UkSATSE audit

31st October 2018
Government has approved UkSATSE's 2019 Financial Plan

22nd October 2018
UkSATSE begins staff training on AMHS message handling system

Telecommunication Services
Fixed Local Telephone Communication

UkSATSE is a telecommunications operator and by virtue of Decision of the National Commission for Communications Regulation of Ukraine No.1259 dated December 11, 2008 has been entered in the register of telecommunications service providers under No.1206. By virtue of other Decision of the National Commission for Communications Regulation of Ukraine No.57 dated April 04, 2014 the above register has been amended giving UkSATSE possibility to make telecommunications channels available for use with the right to maintain and operate it within Ukraine.

Fixed local telephone communications services in Kyiv are provided by Ukraerozviazok Service a Regional Branch of UkSATSE.

For fixed local telephone communications, a digital automatic telephone exchange is used, as well as fiber-optic communications lines and state-of-art synchronized digital hierarchy exchange systems of STM-1 level that secure due level of reliability and quality of telephone communications.

A highly qualified team of Ukraerozviazok Service experts performs constant control of service provision quality on all technological stages.

Subscribers are granted the possibility to become reassured of the advantages of digital telephone communications and capitalize on a voluminous list of auxiliary services.

UkSATSE constantly monitors the performance of the equipment in use and timely updates it. Among other things, in stead of the outdated and worn out equipment the new multiplex equipment was purchased for Ukraerozviazok Service and put into operation by the Services own forces. Besides, at the turn of the year 2013 Meredian-1 and Meredian-1 Automated Telephone Systems with capacity of 2000 and 1000 numbers respectively, used for the provision of telecommunications services, were upgraded. As a result, the equipment life was prolonged and new state-of-the-industry functions were obtained.

For technical details, please call (044) 461-59-69.

Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication

The provision of the Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication services is a component of air navigation services provided by UkSATSE.

Aeronautical Fixed Telecommunication Network of Ukraine (AFTN) is a system for exchange of ATM messages between ATS centres, airports, operators and other aviation entities of Ukraine.

AFTN services are provided by Ukraerozviazok Service and respective units of UkSATSE Regional Branches and ATS Units.

For technical details, please call (044) 461-53-40.

Model Contract

Model Telecommunication Services Contract ( 304 Kb, ukr)

Licenses and Permits

  • License No. AB 466216 For the provision of fixed local telephone communication services with the network capacity of up to 10,000 numbers dd. 9.09.2014 (395 kb)
  • Air Navigation Service Certificate dd. 22.12.2017 (194 Kb)

Contact information

All information regarding the list of telecommunication services, their prices and the procedure of telecommunication services agreement conclusion can be obtained from Ukraerozviazok Service:

Address: 14 Peremohy Ave., Room 1413, Kyiv

Tel.: (044) 351-53-59

Telecommunication services quality reports

2011 ( 250 Kb, ukr)

2012 ( 290 Kb, ukr)

2013 ( 266 Kb, ukr)

2014 ( 302 Kb, ukr)

2015 ( 81 Kb, ukr)

2016 ( 87 Kb, ukr)

2017 ( 525 Kb, ukr)

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