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2nd December 2019
Too High Cost of Flight Tickets in Ukraine Because of High Rates of Air Navigation Charges: Nothing More Than Manipulation
One of the common myths that has lately been actively replicated on social networks is manipulation of an air navigation charges issue. We provide official information in order to dispel myths and offer people a true picture.

29th November 2019
UkSATSE to install new modern radio beacons all over Ukraine
UkSATSE and Thales Deutschland GmbH signed a contract for the supply of modern equipment - five sets of omnidirectional radio beacons (DME). The document was signed by Oleksii PESTERNIKOV, Deputy Director of Maintenance and Facilities Development of UkSATSE (left) and Bernd MADER, Area Sales Manager of Thales Deutschland GmbH.

Radio beacons to be installed throughout Ukraine will ensure the reliability and continuity of navigation coverage in the relevant areas of airspace. This will improve the quality of navigation services provided by the national air navigation service provider.

28th November 2019
Lviv air traffic controllers received a new simulator - the best one they ever used
A modern air traffic control simulator manufactured by the Spanish company "Indra Sistemas S.A." was put into operation in the training centre of Lviv regional structural unit of UkSATSE. It will improve the quality of professional training of air traffic controllers and, as a result, the level of flight safety in the airspace of the Lviv Area Control Centre.
The new simulator meets European requirements for professional training and maintaining the competence of air traffic controllers.

28th November 2019
Andrii Yarmak, Head of UkSATSE, takes part in the outdoor meeting of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Transport and Infrastructure
"Negotiations in Brussels on Ukraine's technical integration into the EUROCONTROL Joint System of Route Charges were very difficult but effective," said Andrii YARMAK, the head of UkSATSE, at an outdoor meeting of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Transport and Infrastructure at Boryspil airport.

"Out of over forty EUROCONTROL member states, only Ukraine has not yet completed the process of technical integration. Why? This question probably has a concrete answer. After the meeting in Brussels it became obvious that this process is irreversible and demonstrates the European integration vector of the national aviation development", - Andrii YARMAK added.

27th November 2019
Andrii Yarmak:
The Head of UkSATSE Andrii Yarmak took part in the meeting of the EUROCONTROL Enlarged Committee for Route Charges, which was held in Brussels, where one of the key issues under consideration was the technical integration of Ukraine into the EUROCONTROL Joint System of Route Charges.
Andrii Yarmak: "It is evident that the processes of technical integration of Ukraine into EUROCONTROL's joint system of route charges is irreversible and demonstrates the European integration vector of the development of national aviation. Successful completion of this process will ensure maximum benefit for both domestic and foreign users of the Ukrainian airspace".

19th November 2019
In January-October 2019, UkSATSE serviced 290,331 flights - a 12.2% increase compared to the first 10 months of the last year.
From January to October 2019, UkSATSE provided air navigation services for 290,331 flights, which is 12.2% up over the same period last year. Ukrainian airlines have performed 95,210 flights, while foreign airlines have performed 195,121 flights. Both indicators have positive dynamics in comparison with the same period last year - by 3.7% and 16.8%, respectively.

15th November 2019
The long-awaited Law on Defence Lands will contribute to the improvement of flight safety - Andrii YARMAK
Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a draft law No. 0855 "On the Use of Defence Lands" on increasing the efficiency of the use of allocated land areas. 334 MPs voted for this decision.

14th November 2019
Ukraine was one of the first countries in Europe to successfully implement an optimized network of ATS routes
Optimization of the air traffic service network will make the airspace under the responsibility of Ukraine more attractive, will simplify the flight planning processes for airlines and will increase the efficiency of use of these routes in Ukraine.

12th November 2019
Specialists of UkSATSE - participants of the meeting of the NATO Aviation Committee
A meeting of the NATO Aviation Committee, which takes place on November 11-12 in Brussels (Belgium), is attended by specialists from UkSATSE.
It is expected that at the meeting the issues of harmonization of standards will be discussed in the context of the air traffic management as well as the ways of cooperation between the member countries of the North Atlantic Alliance and the countries of the Mediterranean dialogue.

9th November 2019
Reduction of Transit Flows Also Affects UkSATSE's Profitability
Andrii Yarmak, the head of UkSATSE, said in an interview with the Centre for Transport Strategies:
The UkSATSEs most successful year throughout the history of independence of Ukraine was 2013. At that time, the average number of flights over Ukraine was more than 57 thousand per month, and in 2015 the number of flights decreased to 27 thousand. At present, in some months there are more than 38 thousand of flights per month.

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