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6th January 2021
EUROCONTROL specifications for harmonized rules for Operational Air Traffic were introduced in Ukraine

31st December 2020
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

24th December 2020
Today is the 28th anniversary of UkSATSE

22nd December 2020
State Aviation Administration: UkSATSE confirms compliance in providing safe and efficient services

17th December 2020
UkSATSE became one of the leading providers of the European region in terms of the level of maturity of the Safety Management System

Construction Approval
According to the order of Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine  721 Adoption of Procedure of approval of allocation and altitude of objects at the aerodrome environs and objects that can affect flight safety and operation of radio technical aids of civil aviation signed on 30.11.2012 (registered at Ministry of justice of Ukraine on 24.12.2012 as  2147/22459), the functions of approval of allocation, construction and reconstruction of objects that can affect air traffic safety are assigned to UkSATSE.

Within the competence of UkSATSE, its experts examine planned objects estimating their possible influence as an artificial obstacle for flight operations and on the radio technical aids used for air navigation purposes.

Input information requirements

In order to get an expert conclusion for the construction (reconstruction) of an object an applicant shall submit a request (in Ukrainian language) to the Director of UkSATSE. The request shall contain following information:
  • name (description) and address of the object, allocation (street, building, city (town etc.), region, district);
  • geographical coordinates (latitude, longitude) of the object in WGS-84 coordinate system (on UkSATSE request rectangular coordinates of the object from runway thresholds in case of object allocation less than 15 km from aerodromes reference points);
  • absolute altitude of an object (Baltic altitude system);
  • absolute altitude of building cranes used for object construction (Baltic altitude system);
  • allocation plan of the objects or copy of a cadastral plan;
  • address and contact phone number of an applicant;
  • preferable way of getting an answer from UkSATSE (post or personally).

If telecommunication or data transmitting equipment is planned for installation on the object, the application shall contain the following additional information (for each radio-electronic component):
  • standard of equipment operation;
  • antenna height;
  • transmitter power (MW, W, kW);
  • antenna gain;
  • direction of radiation, operating frequency and emission class.

The liability for information accuracy and adequacy is held by the applicant.

All materials are put in two copies.

Approval procedure

Letter with conclusion regarding approval of allocation and altitude of objects at the aerodrome environs and objects that can affect flight safety and operation of radio technical aids of civil aviation is sent to an applicant within 30 days from the date of the request receiving if all necessary information listed above was provided.

If applicants request doesnt contain all information required for approval, the applicant receives a request for necessary missing information; therefore the deadline of approval procedure could be extended significantly. If the request isnt answered by the applicant within 31 working days, the conclusion letter is not sent to applicant.

If necessary, UkSATSE reserves the right to request additional information from the applicant, for example, the relevant decision of the airport administration or an expert conclusion from the specialized Project Institute (Ukraeroproekt).

If an applicant is willing (in written form) to get the answer from UkSATSE personally, such conclusion letter is kept by UkSATSE for 3 working days. After this it is sent to an applicant by mail.

After receiving the conclusion from UkSATSE applicant shall apply to the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine in order to get permission for the construction works.

If construction was not started within 3 year period the appropriate approval is considered null and void.

Approval service for the construction of an object is free of charge.


Aeronautical Procedures Design Unit: (+38 044) 351 69 10

Communication Navigation Surveillance Operational Department: (+38 044) 351 59 20, (+38 044) 351 59 98

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