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30th May 2019
Park Air Systems Limited to Supply Equipment for UkSATSE

23rd May 2019
Implementation of Free Route Airspace "KIDRO H24"

17th April 2019
UkSATSE and BULATSA are interested in broadening the partnership

27th February 2019
PANSA and UkSATSE improve cooperation in the field of Air Navigation

12th February 2019
Volume of air traffic services provided by UkSATSE in 2018 increased by 18.5%

Dnipro Regional Branch
General information

Dnipro Flight Information Region (FIR) coves an airspace area over the southern part of Ukraine (including a part of the Black Sea waters) amounting to 285 517 sq. km. The air traffic service altitude range is up to 20,100 m.

There are the following major air traffic flows: West East West (aircraft traffic between airports of Europe and South-East Asia) and North South North (aircraft traffic between airports of the Russian Federation and countries of the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea and Africa).

Dnipro FIR covers:
  • 5 CTA sectors, 1 TMA sector of Dnipro ACC and AFIS unit of Sumy aerodrome
  • Sector TMA ATCC Zaporizhzhia
  • Sector TMA TWR Kryvyi Rig
  • Sector TMA ATCC Kharkiv
  • Sector TMA TWR Poltava
  • Flight information service sectors

In responsibility regions (areas) of Dnipro Regional Branch the following ATS units provide air traffic services:
  • Dnipro ACC
  • Dnipro TWR
  • Zaporizhzhia ATCC
  • Kirovograd TWR
  • Kryvyi Rig TWR

Dnipro ACC borders on:
  • Kyiv ACC
  • Odesa ACC
  • Moscow ACC (the Russian Federation)
  • Rostov ACC (the Russian Federation)

Modernization and equipment

In conformity with the Concept of development and modernization of Ukraines air navigation system and UkSATSE plans, purposeful work is undertaken in Dnipro Regional Branch aimed at creating conditions for higher quality of air traffic services in the ACCs area of responsibility.

In 2007, a new Air Traffic Control (ATC) Center in Dnipro was developed and put to service. UkSATSE has experience of successful modernization of the already existing sites, but the construction of a new air traffic control center was performed for the first time. The worlds leading manufacturer of air navigation equipment, INDRA (Spain), became winner of the advertised bidding for the construction of the center and supply of equipment.

Automated Air Traffic Control (ATC) System Indra AIRCON 2000, installed at Dnipro ATC center is designated for receipt, processing and displaying of radar, direction-finding, planning and other data in order to provide the control and automation of air traffic management processes in the area of responsibility of Dnipro Area Control Center (ACC).

Air traffic service at Zaporizhzhia ATCC is provided with the help of Iryna automated ATC system. It is manufactured by research and manufacturing association Aerotechnika (Ukraine).

Communication aids. Aviation communication radio stations as well as VHF-range receiving and transmitting devices are used for radio exchange between air traffic controllers of ATS units and aircraft crews. Range and quality of communication provides air traffic service in the established areas of responsibility. In order to create unified complex of ground and air communication, which combines different types of lines and communication standards, voice communication system MULTIFONO M600 manufactured by S.I.T.T.I. (Italy) is used.

Navigation aids. In order to provide aircraft crews with radio navigation en route, on approach and during landing, azimuth and long-range radars of the VOF and DME systems, non-directional beacons, locator beacons, radio-beacon landing systems and automatic direction finding equipment are used. Coverage and precise characteristics of the navigation aids are compliant with the established requirements.

Surveillance aids: en-route primary surveillance radars, en-route secondary surveillance radars, airdrome surveillance radars provide surveillance in responsibility zones and areas of ATM bodies, receiving of information about aircraft location for air traffic control and transfer necessary radar information to the automated ATC system.

All parameters of communication, navigation and surveillance systems are fully compliant with international requirements. Back-up systems provide due level of reliability.

Implemented projects

In 2007 Automated Air Traffic Control (ATC) System Indra AIRCON 2000 was implemented at Dnipro ATC Center.

On May 20, 2009 Central Meteorological Air Navigation Service System (CMASS) centers with SADIS system were implemented in all regional branches of UkSATSE, including Dnipro Regional Branch. The use of this system solves the problem of reliable and accurate meteorological information to ATCOs working positions in all area control centers of Ukraine in the real-time mode as well as in standard formats and data exchange protocols that are used worldwide. From this time the domestic practice of meteorological provision of air navigation has come into greater compliance with international standards.

In 2010 remote working positions of the ASM support system were put into operation in UkSATSE in order to provide sufficient level of automation of planning processes, coordination and airspace use monitoring, as well as exchange of information about airspace use between ACC and Ukraerocenter.

In 2010 Mode-S air traffic control radar ATCR 33S/SIR S was implemented, which provides high integrity of radar data.

In 2010-2011 trunks network node was established, in order to combine data from different networks (voice, surveillance data and other), automatic channels and equipment backup.

In 2011 air traffic control tower simulator with airdrome traffic display (3D-TOWER) was implemented, which enables more effective training of TWR air traffic controllers.

In 2011 equipment of remote automated working position of flight information service of ACC of the ASM support system was introduced.

In 2011 modernized automated broadcast system of meteorological information for aircraft in flight (VOLMET) was implemented.

In 2012 Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS) was put into operation. It provides uninterruptible automatic broadcast of messages in the Russian and English languages at two aeronautical frequencies at Dnipro aerodrome.

In 2012 the software of flight data processing systems was modernized in connection with implementation of the new ICAO flight plan standard (FLP 2012).

In 2012 arrival and departure routes pursuant to the area navigation specification of ICAO RNAV 1 (P-RNAV) were implemented at the Dnipro aerodrome.

On February 7, 2013 a new automated ATC system AIRCON 2000 (Indra) was launched at the working positions of Dnipro TWR.

In 2013 the VHF Air Communication Radio System of receiving and transmitting centre (manufactured by Rohde&Schwarz, Germany) was put into operation.

In 2013 azimuth and long-range radio beacons (VOR / DME) was put into operation at Kropyvnytskyi aerodrome

In 2014 ATC system AIRCON 2000 was modernized up to the level AIRCON 2000/2100

In 2014 FRAU (free route flights) were implemented in Dnipro Regional Branch.

In 2014 the preliminary operational testing of modernized aerodrome surveillance radar AORL-85 MA/TT took place along with its implementation. Modernization was done by the research and manufacturing association Aerotechnika (Ukraine).

In 2015 the procedure of continuous descent operation (CDO) was put onto operation at Dnipro airport.

In 2017 the system of aviation aerial VHF-range telecommunication Park Air ( Great Britain ) was implemented in Zaporizhzhia ATS.

Development and modernization plans

It is planned to begin construction of airdrome control tower in Dnipro airport.

With the aim to replace automated system IRYNA by a modern system, it is planned to modernize AS AIRCON 2100/2000 and implementation of its remote ATC working positions in
Zaporizhzhia ATS.

It is planned to modernize documentation system of voice communication NEPTUNO included in AS AIRCON2100/2000.

In 2018 it is planned to start work on modern telecommunication equipment installation in Henichesk region.

Within enterprise development until 2020 it is planned to put into operation the primary/secondary radar PSR/MSSR Mode S (EHC) in Henichesk region.

List of Air Traffic Service Units (ATSU)

Dnipro Regional Branch supervises the following air traffic service units:
  • Zaporizhzhia ATSU
  • Kirovograd ATSU
  • Kryvyi Rih ATSU

Contact details

40 Slavy Boulevard, Dnipro Regional Branch, Dnipro, Ukraine, 49126

tel.:(+38 056) 375 80 00
fax:(+38 056) 770 02 32
Yevgenii Cheremiskin
tel.:(+38 056) 375 80 00
fax:(+38 056) 770 02 32
Deputy Director for Air Traffic Control
Sergii Osmolovskii
tel.:(+38 056) 375 80 03
Deputy Director for CNS
Valerii Rybka
tel.:(+38 056) 375 80 04
Deputy Director for Airspace Use
Anatolii Kurochka
tel.:(+38 056) 375 81 06
Chief engineer
Roman Fedorov
tel.:(+38 056) 375 80 05
Chief, Zaporizhia ATSU
Anatolii Kovaliov
tel.:(+38 061) 227 09 09
Chief, Kryvyi Rig ATSU
Oleksandr Vitriak
tel.:(+38 056) 404 88 50
Chief, Kirovograd ATSU
Valerii Gavrilchenko
tel.:(+38 0522) 35 00 96
Chief, Dnipro ATCC
Oleksandr Sokolenko
tel.:(+38 056) 375 80 80
Deputy Chief, Dnipro ATCC
Fedir Poliakov
tel.:(+38 056) 375 81 04
Chief, Dnipro TWR
Igor Kotov
tel.:(+38 056) 375 81 80

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