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16th October 2019
UkSATSE experts were briefed on the initiative of the Ministry of Infrastructure on the regional airports development

15th October 2019
Andrii Yarmak became the head of UkSATSE

20th September 2019

23rd August 2019
Heroes are among us: Pavlo STARCHENKO

8th August 2019
SAFETY is above all

ATS personnel training management at the ANS units
The State Aviation Administration implemented the Aviation Rules of Ukraine - "Technical requirements and administrative procedures for air traffic controllers` licences and certificates" approved by the State Aviation Administration order .485 dated 31.05.2018 (hereinafter - the Rules) which is based on the Commission Regulation (EU) . 2015/340 dated February 20, 2015 that sets the technical requirements and administrative procedures for air traffic controllers` licences and certificates pursuant to Regulation (EU) . 216/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council dated February 20, 2008.

These Rules determine the terms for the issuance of licences and certificates of the corresponding ratings and endorsements to the ATCOs and ATCO-students, as well as their competence maintenance. In addition, these Regulations have established the requirements relating to different types of training of ATS personnel, responsible for training of ATCOs, the terms for certification of training organizations that carry out training of ATCOs and aviation medical experts, aviation medical centers that carry out the medical certification of candidates for obtaining / holders of the ATCO licence and ATCO-students licence.

With the aim of the management of ATS personnel training at the ANS units, with the requirements of the Rules, which establish the new detailed certification requirements and the maintenance of competence of the holders of the ATCO licence, the Department of Air Navigation Service established the division of ATS personnel training management at the ANS units for providing the following administrative and organizational measures:
  • organization of introduction and further monitoring processes of implementation of the Rules requirements, acceptable means of compliance (AMS) and guidance material (GM) to these Rules, supporting sample and local Unit Competence Schemes, as well as sample and local Unit training plans and courses at the ANS units of the regional branches, creation and maintenance of documentation regarding continuation training, etc;
  • organization of methodological support for the process of training at the ATS units for obtaining endorsement and continuation training of ATCO licence holders as well as functional management of the activity of the ATC Units training centers of the regional branches;
  • organization of constant cooperation with the State Aviation Administration on the issues concerning training of candidates for obtaining and holders of the ATCO licences, the competence of the ATCO licences holders, revalidation and / or renewal of their endorsements, preparation of UkSATSE for certification, as the organisation for training of ATCOs and providing corresponding documents;
  • development, introduction and monitoring of implementation of the procedures for administration of processes for confirmation of the ATCO licence holders competence;
  • development, introduction and monitoring of the implementation of procedures for documenting of processes for confirmation of compliance the ATCO licence holders competence with established requirements and results of their competence assessment;
  • organization work on the establishment and accounting number of ATCOs minimum working hours in the ATS unit;
  • determination of the requirements to the database for accounting ATCOs working hours in the ATS units and the common format of output data;
  • provision of other processes related to the certification and maintenance of the competence of the ATCO licence holders in the Air Navigation Service Department of UkSATSE.

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