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19th February 2018
UkSATSE Seeks Modern Solutions for Introduction of Next-Generation ATM System

1st February 2018
Volume of air traffic services provided by UkSATSE in 2017 increased by 18.5%: almost 254 thousand flights

29th January 2018
Training and Certification Center (TCC) of UkSATSE Certified to Carry Out Training of Air Traffic Management Specialists

2nd January 2018
UkSATSE has obtained the Certificate of Air Navigation Service Provider organisation

27th December 2017
Government Approves UkSATSE Financial Plan for 2018

Air Navigation Service Department
Business structure and main principles

The Department includes the divisions and units, that are authorized to provide Air Traffic Services (ATS), Airspace Management (ASM), Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM), en-route meteorological services for air navigation (MET), pre-flight information services (ARO/AIS), and other divisions and units of the Department according to Air Navigation Service Department of UkSATSE business and functional structure.
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Air traffic services

One of the main objectives of UkSATSE is to provide Air traffic services (ATS) in the Ukrainian airspace and in the airspace over the high sea, where the responsibility for ATS is delegated to Ukraine by international agreements. Air traffic services are provided by ATS units, which are part of air traffic management centres.
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ATC quality control

ATC quality control provides by planned selective checks of ATCOs shifts work. During those checks ATC experts from appropriate ATC quality Division/Units of UkSATSE analyze of the materials of ground-based ATC facilities (voice, planning information and ATS surveillance systems records) and/or received reports about potential hazards for safety of flights, except of events concerning of officially investigated accidents and incidents.
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Airspace organization and management

Airspace organization is the process of the airspace structure imolementation. Airspace management is an integral part of the air traffic management.
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Air traffic flow management

Ukraine is fully integrated into activity of EUROCONTROL as Manager of pan-European Air Navigation Network (Network Manager NM) that directly performs the functions of Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) through NMOC (Network Manager Operations Centre) unit on a tactical level and coordinates ATFM activity on the strategic and pre-tactical levels in European region.

Air traffic flow management procedures are used to organize safe, orderly and accelerated air traffic flow and to provide maximum usage of air traffic control system capacity according to ICAO SARPs.
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Meteorological services

According to the Order No. 311 of the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine dated 08.05.2009 On meteorological services for en-route air navigation, UkSATSE was entrusted with the functions of the meteorological services provision for en-route air navigation using the Central Meteorological Air Navigation Service System (CMASS) as of 01.06.2009.
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Methodical council of UkSATSE

The Methodical Council of UkSATSE (abbreviated ) is the consultative-advisory body of UkSATSE established to discuss and issue recommendations on Safety of Air Navigation, improvement of Air Navigation Services and Use of Airspace, development of Joint Civil-Military Air Traffic Management System, drafting of regulatory acts of Ukraine concerning Air Navigation Services and Use of Airspace of Ukraine, methodical work in regional branches, in UKRAEROCENTER and in Aeronautical Information Service of UkSATSE, implementation of ICAO standards and recommended practices and EUROCONTROL requirements.

The main purpose of the MC work is the collective professional search of the most effective methodical and organizational solutions for the development and implementation of the strategy, programs and development plans of UkSATSE on the identified issues.
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Internal Qualification Commission of UkSATSE

Internal Qualification Commission of UkSATSE (UkSATSE IQC) is a permanent unit of Ukrainian State Air Traffic Service Enterprise (UkSATSE) that established with purpose to organize and provide competence assessments of ATCOs and other Air Navigation Services personnel who is owned valid ATCO License and to fulfill other tasks and functions delegated to it.
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