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   20th February 2020
  The aviation industry for already six months, in particular, regional airports as economic entities have been operating under a discriminatory tariff policy that contradicts the development strategy of the regional airports of Ukraine.

In accordance with the decision of the Ministry of Infrastructure of 4 June 2019, two unit rates of charge for approach control and terminal air navigation services were set: EUR 411 and EUR 210. The first one is accepted for all airports except one, and the second one - twice lower - is accepted specially for Boryspil International Airport. This has resulted in higher prices for air navigation services at regional airports, creating some advantages for certain market participants at the expense of others.

The Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine is returning a fair level of the unit rate of charges for approach control and terminal air navigation services, which was in force until June last year and is clearly calculated on the principles of EUROCONTROL. The EUROCONTROL Central Route Charges Office has confirmed the validity of the new rate - the same for all airports across the country. Besides, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine has held consultations in the state authorities with the airspace users and other aviation market participants.
   13th February 2020
  UkSATSE paid over one billion hryvnia in taxes in 2019
  Following last year's results, UkSATSE paid to the budgets of Ukraine at all levels more than 1 billion UAH of taxes, duties and mandatory payments. The head of UkSATSE Andrii Yarmak announced about it.

"By the amount of budget payments, - said the head of UkSATSE - the company belongs to the three leading taxpayers of Kyiv region and is one of the hundred largest taxpayers in Ukraine".
   11th February 2020
  Upwards of 20 thousand flight operations were provided with air navigation services during the first month of the 2020 year
  In January 2020, the Ukrainian air navigation service provider (UkSATSE) handled 21,503 flights, which is 6.8% more than the same period of last year.

The UkSATSE's leader Andriy Yarmak said: “The number of flights within the airspace of Ukraine has been steadily growing to manifest positive market dynamics. We shall struggle on developing our transit potential and continue modernizing the air navigation system of Ukraine.”
   24th January 2020
  Ukraerocenter is 25!
  25 years ago, the Ukrainian Airspace Management and Planning Center - Ukraerocenter - was established as part of UkSATSE.

A quarter of a century ago the foundation was laid for a new modern system of airspace use that meets our state needs and considers the best practices of European countries. During this time, we have gained a unique experience that allowed Ukraine to retain control in the Ukrainian sky during the events of 2014 in Crimea, - said the head of UkSATSE Andrii YARMAK.
   24th January 2020
  The Government has endorsed UkSATSE's financial plan for 2020
  This financial document will make it possible for UkSATSE to continue the development of Ukrainian air navigation system, to carry out economic activities in accordance with planned financial and economic figures.
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