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21st May 2018
UkSATSE guarantees high level of air traffic safety during the UEFA Champions League final match in Kyiv

6th April 2018
UkSATSE and EIB Sign the Amended and Restated Finance Contract

14th March 2018
UkSATSE Shares Experience and Extends Cooperation with Air Navigation Service Providers of Belarus, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia

12th March 2018
UkSATSE Became a Participant of EUROCONTROL Study to Improve the System of Air Traffic Controllers Selection

2nd March 2018
UkSATSE Signed a Contract with Helios Technology Limited

Strategic objectives of further development:

The first principle is to improve and develop our key air navigation services on a continuous basis, while preserving a good ratio between their exceptional quality and cost.

The second principle is to deepen international cooperation within framework of Ukraine's joining to EC Single European Sky initiative.

The third principle is to strengthen the Enterprise's position as a most competent national institution in areas of: theory and practice of Air Navigation Services, provisioning of post-graduate and professional ANSP staff training and support for legal and regulatory activities related the use of Ukrainian airspace.

The UkSATSE's Strategic Objectives have been defined with proper account to dynamic and constant internal and external factors and the following set of High Level Strategic Objectives has been defined:
  • to facilitate by all means the implementation of the State policy of Ukrainian Air Navigation System development and security and safety;
  • to comply with national and international standards in safety and air navigation services provisioning;
  • to develop and maintain the UkSATSE's image as the leading ANS provider in the Black Sea region.

Subject to these three general directions, the UkSATSE's particular strategy may be embraced by the next set of Medium Level Objectives:
  • to maintain the flight safety level achieved while keeping dynamics of steady growth with regard to the traffic intensity and an amount of air navigation services provided;
  • to maintain unchanged the list of basic services, increase their quality on a regular basis, maintain well-grounded air navigation services unit rate and expand the commercial potential of the Enterprise;
  • to bring all management functions in compliance with the Eurocontrol's and generic European standards;
  • to develop and implement the UkSATSE's proactive public relations and information policy.

European development strategy implementation

The strategy of the Ukrainian Air Navigation System development is defined according to the EUROCONTROL "ATM2000+" Strategy and implemented by means of execution the European Single Sky Implementation (ESSIP).

On the base of European Single Sky Implementation (ESSIP) and national development plans the Local Single Sky ImPlementation of Ukraine (LSSIP) is being designed annually.

List of documents describing the development of the national Air Navigation System.
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