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24th November 2020
EUROCONTROL has just adopted a decision on Ukraine's accession to the Joint Route Charges System

23rd November 2020
UkSATSE transfers Kaniv helipad to National Police

21st November 2020
Happy Dignity and Freedom Day

16th November 2020
Happy Radio, Television and Communications Workers Day!

9th November 2020
UkSATSE Flight and Calibration Services has been performing flight inspection in the countries of Africa region

Kharkiv Regional Branch
General information

The area of responsibility of Kharkiv Regional Branch (RB) includes Sumy, Poltava, Kharkiv and Luhansk regions and stretches 180 km from north to south and 530 km from west to east, thus adding up to over 73,000 sq. km. The air traffic service height range is from the earth level to 8,100 km. Aerodromes of Kharkiv (Osnova), Chuhuiv, Kharkiv (Sokolnyky), Sumy, Poltava and landing sites are located within the area of responsibility of Kharkiv RB.

The airspace structure in the area of responsibility is undergoing optimization and new procedures of aircraft arrival/departure for Kharkiv (Osnova) aerodrome are being implemented, which expedites growth of capacity of the air traffic service sectors.

Air traffic control service for aerodrome traffic in the areas of responsibility of Kharkiv RB is provided by the aerodrome control towers and sectors of the approach control unit (APP). Working positions of air traffic controllers that provide the aerodrome traffic service in the manoeuvring and aerodrome zones are set up at aerodrome control towers depending on flying intensity.

The following services are provided in Kharkiv RB area of responsibility: air traffic control, flight information and emergency services. A briefing office was established for aircraft crews to receive pre-flight briefing and necessary aeronautical information for the performance of flights.

Kharkiv area control centre (ACC) adjoins Moscow and Rostov area control centres of the Russian Federation, as well as Kyiv and Dnipro ACCs.

In emergency situations at the airport, ATS units of Kharkiv RB notify the units included in the search and rescue team of Kharkiv (Osnova) aerodrome.

Air traffic management in the area of responsibility of Kharkiv ACC has the following peculiarities:
  • the availability of a special airspace use zone (part of the airspace over the zone which stretches along the state terrestrial border, having the width of 25 km extending into the Ukrainian territory)
  • a considerable number of state and general aviation flights performing aviation works (aviation chemical works, forest patrolling, inspection of power supply lines, oil, gas and ammonia pipelines, as well as aerovisual and state aviation flights)

Modernization and new equipment commissioning

The ongoing work on reconstruction and re-equipment, implementation of up-to-date communication, navigation, surveillance and air traffic service technologies is performed at working positions of ATS units and CNS sites of Kharkiv RB.

In 2013, a new Aerodrome Control Tower, where AIRCON-2010 Air Traffic Control System is installed, was put into operation. AIRCON-2010 ATC System is compliant with the Eurocontrol standards and considerably improves safety in the process of air traffic control. This system provides control for as many as 2500 aircraft simultaneously and enables using up to eight radar information sources, which allows providing uninterrupted radar control of aircraft at any point of airspace within the area of responsibility. AIRCON-2010 ATC System has the function of four-fold reserving of all system hubs. Working conditions of ATC personnel have improved to a great extent after this System commissioning.

The process of modernization at Kharkiv RB continues in conformity with UkSATSE plans. The employees of the regional branch exert every effort in order to provide the European level of air traffic service and safety in the area of responsibility of Kharkiv RB.

Communication Systems. Air-to-ground radio communication is performed with the help of the VHF aeronautical telecommunication network which is the main means of communication with aircraft throughout entire flight.

In order to secure radio communication between air traffic controllers of ATS units and aircraft crews, aeronautical telecommunication radio stations as well as VHF receivers and transmitters (series 4200) produced by Rohde&Schwarz (Germany) are employed.

The ground-to-ground aeronautical telecommunication is performed with the help of the network of direct voice interaction of ATS units. This network was set up with the use of Voice Communication Switching System (MFC-R2 and IBA protocols).

For the automated coordination between ATS centres, data exchange channels using the OLDI protocol have been set up.

UkSATSE multiservice telecommunication network secures the information exchange (data transmission, corporate telephone connection etc.) between ATS centres, regional branches and standalone surveillance and telecommunication sites.

The infrastructure of lines linking the main hubs of these networks to Ukrtelecom primary network (Last mile) is being updated; digital data links on the basis of fiber-optic communication links as well as digital radio relay lines are being set up.

Navigation Systems. Azimuth and long-range radio beacons of the VOR/DME Systems, Non-Directional Beacons (NDB) and radio beacon landing systems with DME transmitters as well as Automatic Direction Finders (ADF) have been used to provide aircraft crews with radio navigation during flights on routes and approach operations. The ground navigation infrastructure of Kharkiv RB is comprised of the following four NDBs: Koviahy, Krasnohrad, Lykhachove and Rashivka.

Surveillance Systems. Aerodrome surveillance radars, ATCR-33/SIR-S monopulse aerodrome radar and Ekran-85 SSR are used for aircraft surveillance in the areas of responsibility of ATS units, for receipt of information on aircraft position in the process of air traffic control and for transmission of necessary radar information to AIRCON-2010 ATC System.

On the eve of Euro-2012, METEOR 635C Doppler weather radar was accepted into service at Kharkiv RB. The new radar enables detection of weather hazards in a radius to 300 km and to the height of 10 km as well as availability, sequence, direction and drift velocity of thunderstorms, wind direction and velocity in the whole troposphere layer and location of hazardous for aviation weather phenomena. All that allowed enhancing safety in the area and providing necessary and adequate information about potential weather hazards.

All parameters of communication, navigation and surveillance systems are fully compliant with international standards. The arrangement of the backup systems provides the due level of operation reliability.

Navigation and communication equipment as well as personnel operating it provide safe air traffic control in all phases of aircraft flights.

The UkSATSE specialists improve their skills at the national and international training institutions on a regular basis.

Implemented projects

The Central Meteorological Air Navigation Service System (CMASS) which uses Satellite Distribution System (SADIS) was implemented at air traffic controller working positions of Kharkiv RB. The use of this system allows resolving the issue of efficient delivery of reliable and accurate meteorological information to controller working positions of the aerodrome control centre in real time and in standard formats and data exchange protocols that are used worldwide.

The TWR-1WP tower control unit simulator with aerodrome traffic display (3D-TOWER) manufactured by the Canadian company Adacel Inc. and AIRCON-2100 simulator operate to provide training for air traffic controllers.

This simulator equipment is used for training, refresher training, development training, practical skills and knowledge examination of TWR controllers of Kharkiv RB and other regional branches of UkSATSE in accord with the Programs for maintaining/refreshing qualifications of ATC specialists of the JCMS of Ukraine; also, the equipment is used to conduct research in the air traffic management sphere.

Airspace modelling and display is performed taking into account flight and technical parameters of aircraft and weather conditions in line with drills prepared in advance.

At the tower control unit simulator with aerodrome traffic display (3D-TOWER), the airfield visual database of Kharkiv (Osnova) airport has been installed, which allows training TWR controllers through simulating the visual image of ground and air conditions in the aerodrome zone similar to the real one.

List of Air Traffic Service Units (ATSU)

Sumy ATSU ise subordinate to Kharkiv RB.

Contact details
15 Startova st., Kharkiv Regional Branch, Kharkiv, Ukraine, 61031

tel.:(+38 057) 740 16 00
fax:(+38 057) 740 16 32
Director of the Regional Branch
Oleksandr Strutynskyi
tel.:(+38 057) 775 54 76
fax:(+38 057) 740 16 32
Deputy Director for Air Traffic Control
Svyatoslav Feoktistov
tel.:(+38057) 740 16 09
fax:(+380572) 52 81 44
Deputy Director for CNS
Yurii Chebunin
tel.:(+38057) 740 16 03
fax:(+38057) 740 17 30
Chief Engineer
Volodymyr Shtanko
tel.:(+38057) 740 17 39
fax:(+380572) 775 54 83
Acting Head, Poltava ATSU
Konovalov Andrii Viktorovych
tel.:(+380532) 50 24 73
fax:(+380532) 50 23 87

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