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17th December 2018
EASA certified Ukraine

30th November 2018
UkSATSE and EUROCONTROL have signed an agreement on emergency coordination and action procedures

16th November 2018
EASA completed certification activities in compliance with EU requirements in the framework of UkSATSE audit

31st October 2018
Government has approved UkSATSE's 2019 Financial Plan

22nd October 2018
UkSATSE begins staff training on AMHS message handling system

6th September 2018
UkSATSE upgrades the simulator of An-24 aircraft to the simulator of three types of aircraft
Improvement of An-24 cockpit has been launched in the separate branch Aviation Training and Certification Center of UkSATSE as a result of which it will become a simulator for two more types of aircraft - for An-26 and An-32. And change of aircraft type will be possible within one working day. The crew members will be able to work out the actions not only in regular, but also in complex and emergency situations at all stages of the flight.

After an element base of the basic systems of the simulator is replaced, a set of instrument simulators for An-24, An-26 and An-32 will be made and connected to new control units. The simulator will be equipped with removable cockpit interior modules in accordance with the type of simulated aircraft and a visual display device providing the cockpit outside view with computer graphics of wide angular reflection will be installed. Realistic reproduction of the dynamics of the aircraft's movement will ensure a function to minimize the delay of signal transmission and simulate real loads on the control levers. It is also possible to introduce navigational and visual data about 22 thousand airfields, including mountain ones and with complex conditions of approaches. Option of radio navigation, time, weather and geographical conditions of flight at different periods of year, modelling of wind and its shear, turbulence, air temperature, icing and other weather factors affecting the flight dynamics will be available. The upgraded simulator will also have a function of conducting radio communication between the crew and an air traffic controller.

Upgrading completion is planned before the end of the year.
Source:  UkSATSE

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