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30th May 2019
Park Air Systems Limited to Supply Equipment for UkSATSE

23rd May 2019
Implementation of Free Route Airspace "KIDRO H24"

17th April 2019
UkSATSE and BULATSA are interested in broadening the partnership

27th February 2019
PANSA and UkSATSE improve cooperation in the field of Air Navigation

12th February 2019
Volume of air traffic services provided by UkSATSE in 2018 increased by 18.5%

Methodical council of UkSATSE
The Methodical Council of UkSATSE (abbreviated ) is the consultative-advisory body of UkSATSE established to discuss and issue recommendations on Safety of Air Navigation, improvement of Air Navigation Services and Use of Airspace, development of Joint Civil-Military Air Traffic Management System, drafting of regulatory acts of Ukraine concerning Air Navigation Services and Use of Airspace of Ukraine, methodical work in regional branches, in UKRAEROCENTER and in Aeronautical Information Service of UkSATSE, implementation of ICAO standards and recommended practices and EUROCONTROL requirements.

The main purpose of the MC work is the collective professional search of the most effective methodical and organizational solutions for the development and implementation of the strategy, programs and development plans of UkSATSE on the identified issues.

The MC acts according to international agreements of Ukraine, the Air Code of Ukraine, other valid regulatory acts of Ukraine, the Statute of UkSATSE, organizational-administrative documents of UkSATSE, and Terms of Reference of the Methodical Council of UkSATSE.

The form of the MC work is - meetings held in accordance with the work plan and schedule. Decisions, taken by the MC are recorded in Minutes and put into effect after approval of the Director of UkSATSE.

The MC is composed of its chairman, vice-chairman, secretary and members. The chairman is UkSATSE Deputy Director for ANS, the vice-chairman is the Head of UKRAEROCENTER. The members of the MC are Deputy directors of regional branches for Air Traffic Control, Deputy directors of regional branches for Use of Airspace, Head of Management and Support of ATS Units Centre, Head of Air Navigation Development Center, Head of ATS Routes Development and Civil-Military Coordination Division, Head of ATS Management Division, Head of ASM department (UKRAEROCENTER), First Deputy Head of UKRAEROCENTER, Head of AIS, representatives of UkSATSE Training and Certification Center, Internal Control and Audit Inspection (appointed on the proposal of the heads of these departments), the representative of All-Ukrainian Trade Union Federation of Trade Unions of Air Traffic Controllers of Ukraine on the proposal of its president.

Sections of the MC act in all regional branches, Ukraerocenter and AIS of UkSATSE according to their local Terms of References.

Also, according to local Terms of References, Methodical groups act in all ATS units, where the total number of specialists equals to or greater than 15 people.

The MC informs the ATM staff of ANS Department, Technical Council, Board of Directors, and Council of UkSATSE about its activities by releasing annual informational bulletin (once a year until February 1) representing the current status of the implementation of all the MC decisions taken in the reference year.

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