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26th May 2020
UkSATSE has started flight testing of ground equipment for Boryspil airport

17th May 2020
UkSATSE will install new communication equipment

12th May 2020
My son studies to be a pilot. When I hear him on air, then my dreams will come true - Serhii Shevchenko

7th May 2020
We do remember. We are winning

5th May 2020
Quarantine for an air traffic controller: how are those working today on whom safety in the sky depends?

15th June 2019
Today is the Health Care Workers Day
On this occasion, the head of the medical and sanitary centre of the Regional Branch "Kyivcenteraero" Oleksandr KANISKIN shared his professional experience of participation in the 3rd International Scientific and Practical Conference "Actual problems and prospects of aviation development", which was recently held in Minsk.

Participants of the conference analysed global trends in health care, discussed new technologies used in different countries. In the context of ensuring safety, including medical component of this process, we are in a common space with our neighbouring countries. It is our mutual desire to focus all our efforts on making the system work and ensure safety. During the conference aviation medical experts from different countries discussed interesting and complex cases in their work, and it is obvious that many important issues were common for us. Colleagues were interested in our experience, peculiarities of the system of medical support for air navigation in Ukraine. A lot of questions were asked after my report. What medical products we prescribe to aviation personnel for permanent use, in which case we give permission to pilots and air traffic controllers to work, for what period we issue certificates.

It should be noted that the peculiarity of our approach is its flexibility. Ukraine has become a leader among the post-Soviet countries in the context of preserving the health of aviation specialists and continuing their professional longevity. We have fewer medical limitations, we consider all the peculiarities individually, assess the state of health in conjunction with the responsibility entrusted to the specialist. There are many nuances, due to which such flexibility is applied. For a pilot, for example, the presence of cardiovascular disease does not always result in a ban on issuing a medical certificate - this may mean restricting him from being a captain, but he may be a co-pilot. We assess all potential risks and make balanced decisions. This is actually prescribed in the European rules.

We have a three-level system in UkSATSE: medical control of air traffic controllers before each shift, dynamic monitoring of the health state by doctors in regional branches and medical certification. Such a decision was made by the Board of Directors of UkSATSE in due time.
Of course, Ukraine still has a lot to implement. In particular, the Institute of Family Doctors is well established in Europe. Doctors have access to a unified information base on the state of health of patients, history of treatment of everyone. We do not have such a base, we have to "get" information about the previous experience of treatment in each case to obtain the most accurate medical history of the patient, analyze different factors and make the most accurate conclusions about his health.

In my opinion, such activities are very useful, as they directly help to ensure flight health and safety by sharing experiences and solving common problems. After all, aviation medicine is a special branch of healthcare that requires a special approach to work.
Our team is proud of its mission of providing medical safety of flights, contributes to the health of aviation personnel and cares about the professional longevity of such valuable personnel for the industry.
Source:  UkSATSE

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