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   8th January 2020
  Ukrainian airlines to suspend flights to Iran and Iraq from the beginning of the day 9.01.2020 – State Aviation Administration Decision
  No prohibition for international civil aviation to use Iranian airspace has been imposed by the competent authorities of this country as at 15:00 Kyiv time on January 8, 2020. This is confirmed by Iran official Aeronautical Information Publications.

Closing or restricting the use of a state’s airspace is the competence of the state under whose sovereignty that airspace is.

As it becomes known, the Decision of the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine bans Ukrainian airlines from flying in the airspace over Iran and Iraq from 00:00 on 9.01.2020 until the causes of the crash of Ukraine International Airlines flight PS752 are investigated.

   23rd December 2019
  UkSATSE has joined the group of providers with the most advanced flight safety management system in Europe – based on results of Eurocontrol and CANSO audits
  Based on the 2019 audit results, UkSATSE joined the group of 27 countries with the highest indicators of safety management system (SMS) perfection with the average SMS maturity level of 70-78%.
   19th December 2019
  Improving the quality of Aeronautical Information according to the updated ICAO standards
  Achieving uniformity in the provision of Aeronautical Information to users of airspace is the subject of annual methodological sessions of the State Aviation Service of Ukraine with UkSATSE specialists and representatives of airfields (airports). This time the training took place at the Training and Certification Centre of UkSATSE.
   19th December 2019
  Andrii Yarmak, Head of UkSATSE held a meeting with Heidi Ames, representative of the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration in Eastern Europe
  Within the framework of the meeting the issues of improving air navigation services and ensuring flight safety in airspace under the responsibility of Ukraine and further bilateral cooperation were discussed.
   13th December 2019
  "Our priority is to further improve air traffic surveillance service in the southern part of the country" - Andrii Yarmak.
  UkSATSE will install modern equipment in the southern part of Ukraine - two modern route radar complexes as part of primary and secondary surveillance radars with advanced S mode. This will improve the quality of surveillance service provided by the national air navigation service provider.
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