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17th December 2018
EASA certified Ukraine

30th November 2018
UkSATSE and EUROCONTROL have signed an agreement on emergency coordination and action procedures

16th November 2018
EASA completed certification activities in compliance with EU requirements in the framework of UkSATSE audit

31st October 2018
Government has approved UkSATSE's 2019 Financial Plan

22nd October 2018
UkSATSE begins staff training on AMHS message handling system

17th July 2017
MH17. Third Year of Crash Commemoration
July 17 remains for the whole civilized world, and especially for every citizen of Ukraine who has a mind and a heart, a sad date in commemoration of the passengers and crew of flight MH17 that died in a plane crash in 2014. The lives of 298 passengers abruptly ended that day...

We sincerely share the mourning of those who never saw their friends and family back and express our condolences to the Malaysia Airlines personnel and support to the countries that have lost their citizens.

Those responsible for this tragedy will inevitably be punished. And the lessons that the world learnt at such a high price will help prevent the repetition of such tragedies and counteract terrorism more resolutely and effectively, for each of us seeks the air traffic to be safe and the sky to be peaceful.
Source:  UkSATSE

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