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27th May 2020
UkSATSE has started flight testing of ground equipment for Boryspil airport
This week aircraft laboratory of UkSATSE airline performs scheduled flight testing of ground-based radio equipment and lighting equipment for Boryspil International Airport. The total testing time will amount to 20 flight hours.The Beechcraft B300 aircraft with registration number UR-CWA performs, among other things, overflights of instrumental approach system, non-directional beacons and lighting equipment.

Flight testing services are performed under the contract between UkSATSE and Boryspil Airport, according to which fifteen facilities and systems will be flown by within 70 flight hours in 2020.

18th May 2020
UkSATSE will install new communication equipment
UkSATSE will install modern communication equipment at 30 air navigation facilities throughout Ukraine, which will increase flight safety in the airspace under the responsibility of Ukraine. The new air-to-ground telecommunication equipment for receiving-transmitting radio stations will ensure significantly higher quality of communication between air traffic controllers and aircraft crews on the radio channels within very high frequency range with support for VoIP function and frequency channel allocation with a step 8.33 kHz.

13th May 2020
My son studies to be a pilot. When I hear him on air, then my dreams will come true - Serhii Shevchenko
Conversation with a senior air traffic controller of UkSATSE control tower at airport "Boryspil", Serhii Shevchenko, continues the column "Quarantine for an air traffic controller".

8th May 2020
We do remember. We are winning
On May 8 and 9 in Ukraine, as well as all over the world, people remember the victims of the World War II. The Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation and the Day of Victory over Nazism are united by the memory of more than 80,000,000 people whose lives were cut short and whose fates were broken by violence on a global scale. Among them are people of different nations and races, soldiers and civilians, men and women, old and young.

War is not only weapon and heroism of veterans who gained the victory - it is millions of human tragedies. Ukraine honors the memory of everyone who fought against Nazism, as well as other victims of the war. And those who died and those who survived through all the hard post-war times and the clutches of repression of the anti-human regime.

6th May 2020
Quarantine for an air traffic controller: how are those working today on whom safety in the sky depends?
The work of air traffic controllers under quarantine conditions has changed due to coronavirus proliferation. Traffic decreased by 90 percent, fewer people in shifts, fewer working days, and masks and disinfectants became mandatory attributes. In Ukraine, only Boryspil airport operates for passenger planes, and Lviv aerodrome became a reserve. We talked to the air traffic controller from Lviv control center Dmytro Avramenko and asked him about the operation peculiarities in the new conditions.

6th May 2020
UkSATSE performs flight calibration of new ATC System in Lviv
This month UkSATSE is planning to certify the new Air Traffic Control (ATC) System installed at Lviv Regional Branch which successfully passed flight calibration on May 4-5, 2020. Flight calibration was performed by flight inspection aircraft Beechcraft King Air B300 UR-CWA that belongs to a structural unit of UkSATSE and AN-26 UR-CSK leased by ELERON Aviation Company which performs regular flights from/to Kyiv, Lviv and European cities.

Andrii Yarmak, Head of UkSATSE: The key element of the performed in Lviv flight calibration is the simultaneous use of two aircraft. The flight program was agreed between the two companies, the crews were briefed before the flights, and after that, the purpose-designed aircraft Beechcraft and cargo An-26 performed flights in accordance with the program. Special flight calibration elements make it possible to test the STCA safety functions, in particular simulated Air Proximity to check the automatic emergency response of the System.

4th May 2020
In April 2020, the flight volume in the airspace of Ukraine got down by more than 90%.
2 372 flights were performed in the Ukrainian airspace during April 2020 which means by 90.2% less than in April 2019.
UkSATSE as the national air navigation services provider of Ukraine provided services to 559 domestic flights (-78.3% in comparison with April of last year), to 607 international flights (-95.2%) and to 1 206 transit flights (-86.3%).

30th April 2020
Andrii Yarmak: A new Automated Air Traffic Control system in Lviv is to be certified this May
The State Aviation Administration of Ukraine got a request from the Ukrainian Air Navigation Services Provider (UkSATSE) to start certification testing of the newly installed equipment which will facilitate the enhancement of the capacity volume of the western part of the Ukrainian airspace and be in favor of the flight safety in the sky of Ukraine.

Andrii Yarmak, UkSATSEs Head: There is no place for compromise when we talk about the flight safety. Whith that faced situation, followed by the dramatic decline in flight intensity in the airspace of Ukraine, we keep on updating the Ukrainian air navigation system. Recently installed in Lviv Regional Branch a new Automated Air Traffic Control System is aimed to maintain much more modern level of the air traffic management and will become the effective tool for the work of air traffic controllers.

13th April 2020
The number of flights in the sky of Ukraine has been reduced by 96% over the last week of March 2020
Totally in March 2020, the national air navigation services provider of Ukraine (UkSATSE) handled 13 323 flights, 1 443 of them is the domestic flights (minus 44.9 % opposite to March last year), 6 653 international flights (the drop by 41.1 % compared to the previous year) and 5 227 transit flights (less by 29.5 % in contrast to the similar figure of the last year).

According to the Eurocontrol data, the weekly level of the flight number over the March 09-15 period stood by the minus 7.1 % and starting from March 16 it dropped to the point minus 68.2 %. The number of flights in the airspace of Ukraine reduced by 86.2 % during the third week and the last week of March brought a 96.2 % decrease.

10th April 2020
UkSATSE: support of liquidity capacity of some aviation market players at expense of others will prevent full recovery of the industry
On 7 April 2020, EUROCONTROL decided to postpone the deadline for airlines to pay their air navigation bills for the period from February to May this year. One third of the organisation member countries did not support this decision.

At the same time, EU air navigation service providers were proposed a financial support mechanism for the period of deferral of revenues to cover their costs by EUROCONTROL. Unfortunately, Ukraine was not included in this funding programme.

Considering this, the national provider of Ukraine does not yet have the financial capacity to defer payment of air navigation bills for airlines, since no single mechanism to cover such costs for the company has been suggested.

We understand and share difficulties of the entire aviation community, but we do not consider it appropriate to resolve the liquidity issues of some aviation market participants at the expense of others. In order to restore functioning of the aviation industry, it is not enough to postpone payment for services provided by an air navigation provider - comprehensive mechanisms for recovery from the crisis are needed.

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