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27th February 2019
PANSA and UkSATSE improve cooperation in the field of Air Navigation

12th February 2019
Volume of air traffic services provided by UkSATSE in 2018 increased by 18.5%

4th February 2019
UkSATSE certified and put into operation modern ATS Message Handling System (AMHS)

31st January 2019
Experts of UkSATSE took part in development of the concept of operations for implementation of the NATO Regional Airspace Security Program in Ukraine

17th December 2018
EASA certified Ukraine

Meteorological services for air navigation
Meteorological services en-route

According to the Order No 311 of the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine On meteorological services for en-route air navigation dated 08.05.2009, starting from 01.06.2009 UkSATSE was entrusted with the functions relating to the provision of meteorological services en-route using the Central Meteorological Air Navigation Service System (CMASS).

Since June 2012 UkSATSE is a certified provider of services for "Meteorological Services en-route".

Meteorological services en-route are provided by the Meteorological Watch Offices (MWO) of UkSATSE, which function as part of ATM Centers of Kyivcenteraero, Lviv, Odesa and Dnipro Regional Branches.

Since December 7, 2017 Meteorological services en-route are provided in accordance with the requirements of Ukrainian Aviation Rules "Meteorological Service for Civil Aviation", approved by the Order of the State Aviation Service of Ukraine dated 09.03.2017 No 166, registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on 05.09.2017 under No 1092/30960.

MWO forecasters prepare the following meteorological products for appropriate Flight Information Regions on the bases of the comprehensive analysis of all synoptic and aerological data, ground weather data as well as data received from the meteorological satellites, weather radars and permanent weather watching:
  • GAMET area forecast for low-level flights;
  • SIGMET information about the occurrence or expected occurrence of specified en-route weather and other phenomena in the atmosphere that may affect the safety of aircraft operations;
  • AIRMET information about the occurrence or expected occurrence of specified en-route weather phenomena that may affect the safety of low-level flights;
  • AIREP SPECIAL weather report from an aircraft in-flight about the occurrence of specified weather phenomena/conditions which are encountered or observed in flight.

In 2012, METEOR 635C Doppler weather radars were put into operation in Lviv and Kharkiv Regional Branches to provide efficient around-the-clock watch over convective weather phenomena in the airspace of Ukraine. The weather radars were certified by the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine in June 2012.

Aeronautical meteorological personnel of UkSATSE (MWO forecasters) providing meteorological services en-route in the Ukrainian airspace and in the airspace over the high sea, where the responsibility for ATS is delegated to Ukraine by international agreements, comply with the requirements of Annex 3 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation Meteorological Service for International Air Navigation and of the World Meteorological Organization in respect of qualifications, competence, education and training of aeronautical meteorological personnel.

Meteorological services for Air Traffic Management Centers, Approach Control Unit Flight Information Service sectors and Ukraerocenter

Collection, analysis and provision of ATM Centers, APP FIS sectors and Ukraerocenter personnel with meteorological information necessary for the performance of ATS-related functions (air traffic control, flight information service, flight regime control and airspace management), is provided by the CMASS software and hardware using SADIS FTP-service (Secure Aviation Data Information Service) which is provided by Meteorological Service of United Kingdom, and others international and national sources of meteorological data. Access to the database of meteorological and aerological information, weather radar and satellite data as well as the CMASS graphic products is enabled via the internal CMASS web server.

External web-site of the CMASS

In January 2014, UkSATSE commissioned external website "MetCom" of the CMASS for users involved in the aviation industry as well as in any other business and commercial activities. The website contains operational meteorological information used for the air navigation service, data of Doppler weather radars and meteorological satellites. Access to CMASS informational resources is provided via Internet and the access obtaining procedure is described on web page at:

Future issues of meteorological service for air navigation

Introducing a global scale interoperable Air Traffic Management System was a central focus of the major efforts of ICAO during the last decade. It requires the transition to the information exchange in digital format, including meteorological information. After the Amendment 78 to the ICAO Annex 3 is introduced in 2020, the exchange of meteorological information in digital format will become a Standard. With a view to timely implementation of ICAO Standards UkSATSE has plans concerning the transition to the exchange of digital AIRMET and SIGMET information during 2019-2020. In consequence of this, next stage of software and hardware modernization of the CMASS will be carried out.

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