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3rd March 2021
UkSATSE confirms at international level implementation of new practices exceeding current safety standards
UkSATSE has joined the list of air navigation service providers from 7 leading countries that confirmed the high level of maturity of their safety management system, developed and verified new practices in its areas of operation - as a result of the final report of an independent maturity assessment of safety management systems conducted in 2020 as part of a joint EUROCONTROL and Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO) project. A total of 49 countries participated in the assessment.

1st March 2021
In the face of a pandemic and critical reduction of revenues: ensuring stable operation and safety
The sharp decline in air traffic in 2020 associated with the unprecedented global aviation crisis caused by the pandemic, and quarantine restrictions imposed by many governments including the complete cessation of flights and border closures (with air traffic dropping to 95 - 98% in peak) led to a critical falling of revenues from air navigation services - by 67% compared to 2019.
The negative financial result of UkSATSE amounting to UAH 1.04 billion for the three quarters of 2020 has a number of objective economic reasons, such as the decrease of UkSATSE income caused by the reduction of flights over the country and the decrease in the average aircraft take-off weight, which is one of the important factors for calculating air navigation charges. It is also because of the recurring nature of the majority of expenditure items (that any other ANSP in the world has) which do not depend on the volume of services provided. Regardless of the number of aircraft in a given airspace sector, all communication, navigation and surveillance facilities operate at all times and air traffic controllers and engineers are present at workplaces 24/7 to ensure that safety functions are performed. UkSATSE remains a reliable partner for airspace users. As a state-owned enterprise, it has set an example of how to act in the most challenging environments.

9th February 2021
Ukrainian air traffic recovery dynamics remained at the European average level in January
The total number of flights performed in January 2021 in the airspace of Ukraine, which were provided with air navigation services by UkSATSE, amounts 9,842. However, this represents a 54.2% decrease compared to the volume of flights in January last year.

The January air traffic is structured by types of flights as follows: domestic flights - 1,356 (23.9% less than in January 2020), international flights - 4,624 (-59.9%) and transit flights - 3,862 (-52.8%).
Ukrainian airlines performed 2,988 flights (54.6% less than in January last year), foreign airlines - 6,854 flights (-54.1%).

2nd February 2021
Andrii Yarmak, head of UkSATSE: The aviation industry has not faced such challenges since World War II
One of the industries most affected by COVID and related 2020 restrictions is global aviation. Ukrainian airlines, airports and other players on the aviation market were not an exception. Among them is the strategic state enterprise UkSATSE, which under international treaties is responsible for air navigation services in Ukrainian airspace and over part of the Black Sea.

Its air traffic controllers are the "eyes" and "ears" and the "guiding star" for the crews of aircraft flying to and from Ukrainian airports or transiting the skies over our country.

According to UkSATSE data, last year the company provided air navigation services to just over 142,000 flights. This is 57.6% less than in 2019 and almost four times less than in successful 2013. Consequently, we are talking about huge financial losses for the company and for the state. How was it possible to preserve the staff under such conditions? Is it possible to maintain the infrastructure, on which the lives of thousands of passengers depend, in proper condition? And what does the implementation of plans for a new, better - as we all believe - year depend on? About this and more we talk to Andrii Yarmak, head of Ukrainian State Air Traffic Services Enterprise (UkSATSE).

28th January 2021
Main Inspectorate of Ministry of Defence of Ukraine examining specifics of UkSATSE civil-military interaction
An inspection team of the Main Inspectorate of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine headed by Brigadier General Valerii Romaniuk has started its work at UkSATSE.

The Inspectorate representatives will become familiar with the operational aspects of the JCMS (Joint Civil-Military Air Traffic Management System of Ukraine) units, which are part of UkSATSE, with an increased focus on the tasks performance by the JCMS main unit - the Ukrainian Airspace Management and Planning Centre.

UkSATSE closely cooperates with the respective authorised bodies of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine to provide safe use of airspace. Coordinated interaction between civilians and the military ensures, in particular, efficient airspace protection.

13th January 2021
TOP-10 airlines performed the most number of flights in the airspace of Ukraine in 2020
Here is the TOP-10 airlines per number of flights executed in the airspace of Ukraine in 2020: Turk Hava Yollari A.O. (Turkey) with 14,623 flights, Ukraine International Airlines (Ukraine) with 14,406 flights, Aviakompaniya Belavia (Belarus) with 10,644 flights, Wizz Air Hungary Ltd (Hungary) with 9,151 flights, Wind Rose Aviation Company (Ukraine) with 8,511 flights, Skyup Airlines LLC (Ukraine) with 8,434 flights, LOT Polish Airlines (Poland) with 6,260 flights, Ryanair LTD (Ireland) with 5,965 flights, Azur Air Ukraine Airlines LLC (Ukraine) with 4,663 flights and Pegasus Hava Tasimaciligi A.S. (Turkey) with 3,446 flights.

12th January 2021
UkSATSE serviced over 142 thousand flights in 2020
UkSATSE provided air navigation services to 142,047 flights in 2020, which is 57.6% less than for 12 months in 2019.

21,102 domestic flights (31.5% less than in 2019), 68,870 (-57.7%) international flights and 52,075 (-63.2%) transit flights have been performed in 2020 in the airspace under the Ukraines responsibilities.

Last year, Ukrainian and international airlines carried out 49,733 (-54.7% compared to 2019) and 92,314 (-59.1%) flights correspondingly.

6th January 2021
EUROCONTROL specifications for harmonized rules for Operational Air Traffic were introduced in Ukraine
EUROCONTROL specifications for harmonized Rules for Operational Air Traffic (OAT) under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) inside controlled Airspace of the ECAC Area (EUROAT) were officially introduced in Ukraine.

In December 2020, EUROCONTROL published addendum to the document EUROCONTROL Publication for harmonized Rules for Operational Air Traffic (OAT) under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) inside controlled Airspace of the ECAC Area (EUROAT), Change 8, officially confirming the implementation of EUROAT in Ukraine.

Harmonisation of OAT and General Air Traffic (GAT) provision procedures will simplify coordination procedures between the relevant civil and military air traffic management authorities, increase airspace usage efficiency and capacity and result in a reduced probability of hazards during air traffic servicing and control of civil and government aircraft in single airspace.

31st December 2020
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
This year has appeared to be one of the greatest challenges for the aviation industry and taught us to live and work in the new reality.

We sincerely hope that in 2021 we are in for the year of aviation renaissance that will bring all of us new plans and opportunities, hope and unforgettable trips around the world.

Wishing you and your families good health, peace, happiness, success and prosperity in the coming year!

30th December 2020
UkSATSE: modernization of Ukrainian air navigation infrastructure in 2020 carried out in accordance with European standards
Modernization of the Ukrainian air navigation system constitutes the basis for safety and quality of services provided by UkSATSE, the national air navigation services provider. Significant steps towards infrastructure development in accordance with European standards have been made in all UkSATSE subdivisions during 2020.

On December 24, 2020, acceptance tests of the Remote CNS Facilities Monitoring Network based on modern wireless technologies were completed at Lviv RB. The receiving and transmitting radio centre and airdrome radar system with remote control centre in Lviv ATC Centre have now been integrated into this Network. The multifunctional Monitoring Network is technically flexible and rapidly scalable, and allows the integration of up to 30 remote facilities due to its modular architecture. It provides real-time automation of continuous remote monitoring of the facilities engineering networks, remote facilities life-support systems and advance forecasting of failures to prevent emergency situations. Besides, the system enables video surveillance of each facility due to state-of-the-art intelligent monitoring system. All information received from remote facilities is stored in the data processing centre located in the ATC Centre.

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