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30th November 2018
UkSATSE and EUROCONTROL have signed an agreement on emergency coordination and action procedures

16th November 2018
EASA completed certification activities in compliance with EU requirements in the framework of UkSATSE audit

31st October 2018
Government has approved UkSATSE's 2019 Financial Plan

22nd October 2018
UkSATSE begins staff training on AMHS message handling system

18th October 2018
The FAA gave permission to the US carriers to resume flights in the airspace of Ukraine

General information

Air transport and related infrastructure have a significant effect on passenger and cargo transportation development, as well as the national economy as a whole. Kyivcenteraero Regional Branch of UkSATSE is a unit of the Joint Civil-Military Air Traffic Management System of Ukraine that has been commissioned with the functions of Air Traffic Management, radio-technical support and Air Navigation and Meteorological Services aviation provision, as well as specialists training and medical certification.

Kyivcenteraero RB responsibility zone covers 185,834 sq. km of Ukrainian territory. The ATS height range is from the ground up to 20,100 m.

The main peculiarity and distinction from other RBs is that the main (central) aerodrome of Ukraine Kyiv (Boryspil) having quite high flight intensity, and the capital aerodrome Kyiv (Zhuliany) are situated in its responsibility zone.

Considerable work is being done on the air space structure optimization in the area of responsibility, the implementation of new aircraft arrival/departure procedures in Kyiv (Boryspil) aerodrome, which furthers the ATS sectors capacity increase.

Automated Systems, radio-technical equipment and its modernization

Since 2000 in Kyivcenteraero RB AirTraffic Control functions have been performed by means of Strila-Alenia Automated Air Traffic Control System (ATC System), manufactured by the Italian firm SELEX-SI. Letvis ATC System has been used as a backup system and since 2015 Iryna ATCO back up working positions, manufactured by RPE Aerotechnika, have been installed in radiation-proof shelter in order to ensure sustainable Air Traffic Control provision in case of emergency.

During operation of Strila-Alenia ATC System it has been frequently upgraded in accordance with up-to-date ATC and flight safety requirements.

A new ATC simulator manufactured by the Italian firm Leonardo was installed in 2017. It reconstructs ATCOs working positions of present air traffic control automated system in full and enable to train ATC staff at ten positions at once, using sophisticated system which recreates radar and speech information.

New Aerodrome Control Tower ATCOs working positions have been installed at Boryspil and Kyiv aerodromes.

Flight meteorological provision en-route has been improved. Work on the modernisation of the Sadis Center for Centralized Meteorological Provision of Air Navigation and MET radars data procession system is being continued.

Kaniv Heliport, which is located near Pekary village, 8 km from Kaniv, Cherkasy region, goes on working. The heliport Aerodrome Control Tower is equipped with state-of-the-art air-ground communication facilities, digital systems for data communication through fibre-optic lines, Automated Meteorological Complex Troposfera 1; control and monitor panels of lightning system, Canada-manufactured Non-Directional Radio Beacon Vector (Nautel), as well as automatic direction finder manufactured byRohde&Schwarz, Germany. Aeronautical information about the heliport and guidelines for heliport use application are published in AIP of Ukraine.

New CNS facilities have been implemented at Kyivcenteraero RB recently and the following available facilities have been upgraded:

Navigation and Surveillance facilities
  • Modernization programme of primary radars of En-route Radar Position TRLK10M is in progress: radars are put into operation at En-route Radar Positions TRLK-1, TRLK-4 and TRLK-2, putting radar into operation at En-route Radar Position TRLK-3, 5, 6, 7 is next in turn
  • Modernisation of Multilateration Surveillance System MLAT
  • Modernisation of power supply system at En-route Radar Position TRLK-10
  • Implementation of air field surveillance radars
  • Replacement Programme of the old non-directional radio beacons and direction finders with the new ones is on

Communication facilities
  • Conversion to digital data communication systems using fibre-optic communication lines
  • VHF-system based RTC (receiving and transmitting centre) produced by the Park Air company is put into the operation at the aerodrome Cherkassy
  • Replacement programme of old radio stations of "Flight 2" type with modern radio communication VHF-system at RTC TRLK 3,4,5,6,7 is going on
  • Implementation of the network centre AMHS is on its final stage
  • Modernisation of main telecommunication network

All parameters of CNS systems comply with the international standards. Flight checks are made in due time. Arrangement of back-up system ensures adequate reliability level.

Development and modernization plans

Plans for the nearest future include:
  • Aerodrome Control Tower construction at Kyiv (Boryspil) aerodrome
  • arrangement of new VHF transmitters for pre-flight information service, modernisation of available transmitter equipment
  • further replacement of worn-out and outdated CNS equipment, as well as secured power-supply will be replaced with the modern one

List of Air Traffic Service Units (ATSU)
Kyivcenteraero Regional Branch supervises the following Air Traffic Service Units:
  • Kyiv ATSU
  • Vinnytsia ATSU
  • Kaniv Heliport (Pekari)

KYIVCENTRAERO, Airport, Boryspil, Kyiv region, Ukraine, 08307

tel.:(+38 044) 351 61 15
fax:(+38 044) 351 66 55
Director of the Regional Branch
Serhii Krasnytskyi
tel.:(+38 044) 351 61 15
fax:(+38 044) 351 66 55
Deputy Director, Air Traffic Control
Viktor Dobrivskiy
tel.:(+38 044) 351 61 14, (+38 067) 466 32 95
fax:(+38 044) 351 66 55
Acting Deputy Director, CNS
Gennadiy Davydov
tel.:(+38 044) 351 61 02, (+38 067) 466 39 70
fax:(+38 044) 351 66 55
Deputy Director for Airspace Use Control
Oleksandr Chupryna
tel.:(+38 044) 351 60 77
fax:(+38 044) 351 66 55
Deputy Director for Engineering
Viktor Shchukin
tel.:(+38 044) 351 61 13, (+38 067) 466 39 82
fax:(+38 044) 351 66 55
Acting Deputy Director for Social Affairs and Welfare
Vasyl Yuhno
tel.:(+38 044) 351 68 72
fax:(+38 044) 351 66 55
Chief Accountant
Nadiya Stozhka
tel.:(+38 044) 351 61 25, (+38 050) 469 42 69
fax:(+38 044) 351 66 55
Head of Production Activity and Quality Control Department
Volodymyr Kolosok
tel.:(+38 044) 351 62 89, (+38 050) 216 79 40
fax:(+38 044) 351 66 55
Chief, Area Control Center
Vitalii Yefimov
tel.:(+38 044) 351 61 41
fax:(+38 044) 351 66 54
Deputy Chief, Area Control Center
Vitaliy Bryk
tel.:(+38 044) 351 60 67, (+38 067) 447 69 47
Head of Chancellery
Lyudmyla Stryzhyus
tel.:(+38 044) 351 61 12, (+38 067) 334 73 40
Head of Kyiv ATC Unit
Vasyl Kushnir
tel.:(+38 044) 351 64 01, (+38 067) 341 18 47
Head of Vinnytsia ATC Unit
Oleksandr Nortsov
tel.:(+38 044) 351 68 80, (+38 050) 356 82 76
AFIS unit of Cherkasy aerodrome
tel./fax:(+38 0472) 65 36 06

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