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30th May 2019
Park Air Systems Limited to Supply Equipment for UkSATSE

23rd May 2019
Implementation of Free Route Airspace "KIDRO H24"

17th April 2019
UkSATSE and BULATSA are interested in broadening the partnership

27th February 2019
PANSA and UkSATSE improve cooperation in the field of Air Navigation

12th February 2019
Volume of air traffic services provided by UkSATSE in 2018 increased by 18.5%

21st May 2018
UkSATSE guarantees high level of air traffic safety during the UEFA Champions League final match in Kyiv
The Ukraine State Air Traffic Services Enterprise (UkSATSE), as the National Air Navigation Services provider, takes a responsible attitude towards fulfilling its functions and declares its full readiness to guarantee a high level of safety in the Airspace under the responsibility of Ukraine, including during the final match of the UEFA Champions League in Kyiv.

Air traffic controllers and other specialists involved in the process of Air Traffic Services, in all units of the Enterprise, function in a normal operation mode. The statements made by some Media about the instability of the work of the UkSATSE staff, and the probability of air traffic controllers strike are absolutely baseless and is an example of rough manipulation of public opinion to suit certain individuals, who are striving to achieve their own political goals with such a dirty methods.

Regret, but these public concerns as to the ability of Ukraine to provide the necessary conditions for the UEFA Champions League football match have a negative impact on the image of the State and give the foreign aggressor the cause to develop a new hysteria on this subject.

Ukrainian air traffic controllers have never been and will not be a tool to implement scenarios of others, that are foreign to Air Traffic Safety.

Safety, efficiency, responsibility are the key concepts for the UkSATSE specialists under any circumstances.

Source:  UkSATSE

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