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10th January 2020
UkSATSE is certified to provide training for air traffic controllers in compliance with the new aviation regulations.

8th January 2020
Ukrainian airlines to suspend flights to Iran and Iraq from the beginning of the day 9.01.2020 State Aviation Administration Decision

23rd December 2019
UkSATSE has joined the group of providers with the most advanced flight safety management system in Europe based on results of Eurocontrol and CANSO audits

19th December 2019
Improving the quality of Aeronautical Information according to the updated ICAO standards

19th December 2019
Andrii Yarmak, Head of UkSATSE held a meeting with Heidi Ames, representative of the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration in Eastern Europe

17th April 2019
UkSATSE and BULATSA are interested in broadening the partnership
Today, Dmytro Babeychuk, Director of UkSATSE and Georgi Peev, CEO of BULATSA have discussed further strengthening of partnership between the air navigation service providers of Ukraine and Bulgaria at the UkSATSEs head office.

Among the most urgent issues of concern to both sides are, in particular, plans to improve the Air Traffic Management in the airspace over the southwestern part of the Black Sea and the format of possible technical cooperation between providers.

Dmytro BABEYCHUK, Director of UkSATSE:

I have invited our Bulgarian colleagues to outline the range of joint actions on the most relevant areas of cooperation between the two countries' providers, in particular between the air traffic management centres of Odessa and Sofia. This is important for Ukraine, first of all, in the context of the restoration of air traffic intensity, which dropped sharply in 2014, but has been showing a steady growth trend for several years. An important result of the expansion of the partnership will be increase of level of flight safety in the airspace over the Black Sea region.

Representatives of BULATSA have also visited the Air Traffic Control Centre and got acquainted with the work of specialists of the Kyiv ACC of UkSATSE.

Georgi Peev, CEO of BULATSA:

It is a great pleasure for me personally and my team to be here in UkSATSE. It was a very positive and constructive meeting. The issues related to the Black Sea require further discussion, and I have no doubt that we will find balanced solutions that will be mutually beneficial for both UkSATSE and BULATSA.
Source:  UkSATSE

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