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20th September 2019

23rd August 2019
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8th August 2019
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19th July 2019
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17th July 2019
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4th February 2019
UkSATSE certified and put into operation modern ATS Message Handling System (AMHS)
UkSATSE has put into operation the equipment of the modern ATS Message Handling System (AMHS) after successful testing and obtaining international certificates of compliance with the requirements of the ICAO EUR Doc 020. Operational phase of AMHS has already begun, which will result in complete replacement of the formerly used AFTN system, which no longer meets current technical requirements in the field of air navigation. Thus, in this area, national air navigation service provider has reached the technical level of air navigation service providers in neighbouring European countries.

In the context of implementation of AMHS in Ukraine, UkSATSE cooperates with the ATS Messaging Management Centre established by Eurocontrol.
As a result of transition to AMHS, which UkSATSE plans to complete in December 2020, it will be possible to achieve high reliability of exchange of messages between air traffic service systems, to provide a wide range of aeronautical fixed services in Ukraine, to integrate steadily in other ICAO projects related to the use of special formats of messages, and, finally, to guarantee a consistently high level of flight safety, reducing the infrastructure costs of the provider. At the same time, support of AFTN network users will continue during the entire transition period.

On the first stage, UkSATSE has implemented AMHS in the unit "Ukraerozvyazok" and in the regional branches in Dnipro and Lviv. Training module of the system was installed at the Training and Certification Center of the Enterprise, which trains specialists to work with new equipment.

The first channel of AMHS communication was commissioned between Kyiv and Warsaw Aeronautical Fixed Communication and Telecommunication Centers (COM Centers) on January 31, 2019. The next step is introduction of AMHS channels connecting Kyiv, Budapest, Chisinau, Minsk and Bucharest.
UkSATSE has already started testing AMHS connections with internal users and registered high interest in this process of Ukrainian airlines that still use the AFTN network.

In 2012 UkSATSE started a large-scale project on the introduction of AMHS. This is provided for by COM 10 task of National Single Sky Implementation Plan (LSSIP). UkSATSE has established COM Center in "Ukraerozvyazok" unit, which is responsible for implementing the project. Within the framework of this project, the following steps were taken: the system was designed, new equipment was purchased and installed, performance tests and testing for compliance with the requirements of ICAO were carried out.

An obligatory testing of AMHS in Ukraine to determine its compliance with ICAO requirements was performed by the specialists of "Ukraerozvyazok", Warsaw Communication Center of Polish air navigation service provider PANSA and German company Avitech - a leading international developer of IT systems for the aviation industry.

AMHS provides the exchange of scheduled flight information, meteorological information, NOTAM messages and administrative communications, with no restrictions on the size and format of the messages, ensuring fast and safe transmission of them, taking into account the constant increase of data exchange in accordance with current international standards and requirements of ICAO and Eurocontrol.
Source:  UkSATSE

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