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   28th July 2020
  Using the airspace during Sea Breeze 2020 the state and civil aviation interests were duly regarded
  All units of Joint Civil-Military Air Traffic Management System of Ukraine, being an integral part of UkSATSE were actively participating in the Sea Breeze 2020 International Naval Exercises that were taking place in the Black Sea in Ukraine from 20 till 26 July 2020. UkSATSE staff ensured the proper environment necessary for the safe usage of airspace during the exercises.
   24th July 2020
  Congratulations to Aviation Training and Certification Center team on its 75th Anniversary!
  75 years ago, on the 24th of July 1945 by the order of the Ukrainian Administration of Civil Aviation, an Education and Training Division 8 was created, which was widely known to aviation professionals up to the end of the 1980s as UTO-8 (-8). These days, Aviation Training and Certification Center (ATCC) is a separate branch of UkSATSE.

The former UTO-8 became a leader of professional training in the field of civil aviation among all training centers of the former USSR. It was regarded as a great chance for the majority of the representatives of other soviet republics to come to the capital of Ukraine to complete the refresher courses. The record number of attendees completed training in Kyiv exceeds 7,000 individuals per year. The total number of students trained there during the whole history of this institution is about 306 thousand persons including 65 thousand, already trained from the commencement of Ukraines independence. There was a variety of international students from many countries, including Kazakhstan, Belorussia, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Peru, Columbia, and many others where the aircraft of the Ukrainian production is used.
   23rd July 2020
  UkSATSEs head is on a working visit to Odesa Regional Branch
  Today, Andrii Yarmak had a meeting with the staff of Odesa Regional Branch (RB) and discussed critical for UkSATSE and Odesa RB issues.
Particularly, Andrii Yarmak answered the questions about UkSATSEs development strategy in the current situation, further perspectives of Ukraines technical integration into the EUROCONTROL Common Route Charges System and infrastructure upgrading.

"I would like to thank Odesa RB staff for understanding and support in the unprecedented circumstances, having arisen out of the quarantine restrictions in the world and anti-crisis actions implemented in our company. This is a forced and temporary measure. We all look forward to resuming flight intensity and level of income accordingly, which will be sufficient to restore an ordinary working schedule and labour remuneration in full volume. Special appreciation is granted for providing a high level of air navigation services and ensuring flight safety in such challenging conditions. Together, we will go through this tough period. Every crisis is inevitably followed by a renaissance period", Andrii YARMAK said.
   17th July 2020
  Joint Civil-Military Air Traffic Management System of Ukraine celebrates its 21st anniversary!
  July 19, 2020 is the 21st anniversary of the creation of the Joint Civil-Military Air Traffic Management System of Ukraine (JCMS). All subdivisions that provide its activities are part of the structure of UkSATSE, so the enterprise is the basis of the joint system.

Close interaction between civil and military specialists makes it possible to use airspace of the State mostly efficiently and rationally for the benefit of civil and state aviation, national and foreign users of airspace. We guarantee a high level of flight safety by maintaining a balance between economic and defence needs.

The main operational body of JCMS is the Ukrainian Airspace Management and Planning Centre (UKRAEROCENTER).

For more than two decades of the joint system operation, there is much evidence of its effectiveness and professional prompt response to the challenges and threats of the modern world. JCMS has repeatedly been highly appreciated by specialists from NATO, ICAO and Eurocontrol.

We congratulate on this date the employees of all subdivisions of UkSATSE, who provide the activities of JCMS and perform daily tasks which are the most important for the enterprise and for the State, especially in such a difficult period.
   16th July 2020
  Ukraine and Slovakia to sign Interstate Agreement on Uzhhorod Airport in autumn
  By autumn, Slovakia intends to complete all domestic arrangements for the signing of the Agreement required for the resumption of full operation of Uzhhorod International Airport, which provides for the use of the part of the Slovak airspace to perform take-offs and landings at the Ukrainian aerodrome. This was stated by the Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic Ivan Korčok in a conversation with Dmytro Kuleba, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

With the Agreement signed, UkSATSE will provide air navigation services in the part of the Slovak airspace.
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